2017-18 State of SMS Report [Free Download]

Predictions are just predictions at the end of the day, but looking back at 2017 - it actually went quite scripted for the SMS industry. Major industry predictions for 2017 included: increased automation usage, more SMS integrations, more creative uses of SMS API’s, and higher SMS volumes for businesses.

When it comes to automation, AI Chat Bots have blown up in popularity. So much so, that Google has implemented the ability to use them on their AdWords platform. As for SMS integrations, client interest has gone up 118%. It’s now the 7th most searched service on the Burst platform, jumping up from 14th last year. Overall messaging volumes have also increased 107%.

Indulge in our 3rd annual collection of the most insightful industry trends, benchmarks, and statistics. Download the report by clicking the link below.