Australian SMS Professional

Rapid Induction

Last Updated: September 2019


Welcome to the Professional Australian SMS Induction E-Course! This is a 9 part series designed to shape your knowledge of the Australian A2P SMS industry. Throughout this E-Course you will be introduced to a variety of terms and abbreviations.



Lesson 1

SMS Fundamentals

In this component you will learn about the history of SMS and current mobile carriers. Find out how the humble text message became such a powerful communication tool.

1.1 The History of SMS
1.2 160 Characters is All You Need
1.3 Character Count & Concatenation
1.4 Terminology



Lesson 2

SMS Network & Connection

Learn about the A2P SMS network landscape, and how online SMS services connect to carrier mobile networks.

2.1 SMS Infrastructure
2.2 Network & Connection Terminology
2.3 Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM)
2.4 Mobile Numbers (MSISDN)
2.5 Terminology



Lesson 3

Shortcodes & Virtual Numbers

Understanding how messages are received by SMS services and different sender-ID options can be confusing. In this lesson we make clear the different options available and which is most appropriate for different situations.

3.1 Shortcodes vs Virtual Numbers
3.2 Types & Features
3.3 Premium SMS



Lesson 4

A2P SMS Features

A2P SMS services have numerous capabilities that can be used to enhance any business. Learn about the different features, how they work, and how they can benefit the solution you are working on.

4.1 Web SMS Services
4.2 Email SMS



Lesson 5

Spam Compliance

Commercial SMS marketing messages make up more than 40% of the total volume of text messages sent. Learn about SPAM compliance and campaign strategies used for optimum results.

5.1 The ACMA
5.3 Security & Privacy
5.4 Terminology



Lesson 6

Outbound SMS Marketing

Learn how to send personalised messages, promotions, competitions, and more with SMS marketing. There are two types of SMS marketing - outbound and inbound.

6.1 What is Outbound SMS Marketing?
6.2 Creating High Quality SMS Marketing Messages



Lesson 7

Inbound SMS Marketing

Inbound SMS Marketing refers to building new contact lists via an opt-in campaign. In order to send somebody a commercial SMS in Australia you must have permission to send it to them. The process of gaining permission is called opt-in.

7.1 What is Inbound SMS Marketing?
7.2 Keywords



Lesson 8

SMS Reporting

Learn the ins and outs of SMS reporting and all the techniques used to track your campaign performance and other messaging activity.

8.1 Delivery Receipt (DLR)
8.2 Common Reasons for Message Failure
8.3 Australian Carrier Retry Strategies



Lesson 9

SMS Market Overview

Understand the future prospects of the A2P SMS industry and how to identify which industries can best utilise SMS solutions.

9.1 SMS Solutions
9.2 The Future of the SMS Market