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We’re looking for a Developer to join our team, whose mission is to help continuously shift our existing flagship product to international scale - both in terms of geography and in terms of throughput.

We handle tens of millions of messages per month, and are looking to reach billions. We’re more than a marketing platform. Our products are used to alleviate front-line phone burden and also provide critical updates around health, welfare and other services through sophisticated AI. We’re also a key platform for two factor authentication, and other vital channels where conversation and immediate updates through SMS and MMS have a dramatically higher read-rate than email alone.

We’re looking for someone as passionate about technology and innovation as we are. Someone who has experience in high-performance, low-latency back-end development, with an eagerness to always push the boundaries of where our technology can go.

Who We Are

Our mission is to make business more human. We are one of the fastest-growing technology companies in Australia and a global messaging provider that enables businesses to build long-term relationships with customers through the power of conversation. We pride ourselves on providing an easy-to-use online messaging platform focusing on SMS marketing, improving CX, AI messaging, advanced SMS API solutions, and developing new mobile messaging innovations.

Opportunities to make an impact

As a developer, we’re looking for someone who is passionate about:

  • Working with product teams to break down ideas into workable solutions
  • Testing, testing, testing - automation all the way
  • Learning from failure as much as from success
  • Playing as part of a team
  • Clean code and engineering best practices - leaving things in a better state than they were found in
  • A customer experience that shines
  • Being able to work autonomously
  • Great communication and documentation

Skills, Experience, and Qualities

Instead of demanding a certain number of years’ experience and certain degrees like other companies tend to do, we take a slightly different approach – because we don’t think age and education are factors in your potential for success.

Here is what we value instead:

  • Experience in a back-end language. We’re using Golang.
  • Containerisation familiarity - Docker. We’re also using Kubernetes.
  • Some cloud experience - e.g. AWS EC2 or GCP Compute, S3
  • Experience developing for the web - RESTful, gRPC, Postman
  • Some exposure to supporting cloud technologies - queues (e.g. Rabbit, SQS), databases (e.g. Postgres, Mongo, Redis)
  • Agile development
  • Unit testing
  • All the usual supporting tools - git, CI/CD pipelines, Jira
  • Clear communication skill

We hire for strengths, not lack of weaknesses – so if you feel like we’re describing you, we want to hear from you no matter your background. We also foster an environment of continual learning, and encourage growth in other areas. Our front end is React and Typescript (with some legacy PHP), so there are also opportunities to learn outside of back-end development.

Company Culture

We are curious individuals who believe in five core mindsets:

  • Think with empathy
  • Bring your secret sauce
  • Break stuff until it work
  • Simplify everything
  • Ship it real good

Every person is respected as a valuable contributor no matter their role. We always try to help our clients and each other in the most responsive way possible. We listen to feedback and action good ideas. We embrace new technology and are not afraid to implement change.

And in case you’re wondering what sort of tools we work with, we utilise a modern stack including GSuite, Asana, Confluence, Zoom and many others that enable working from home effortlessly.

Opportunity and Benefits

Most of the teams are based in Sydney, although we welcome remote applicants. We pride ourselves on our approach to flexible working, so developers are able to come into the office as often as they like, while finding the right balance when working from home. Our offices are based overlooking Wynyard Park, in Sydney’s CBD.

We’re a sociable team, with some of the developers having games nights on a Thursday, and the wider company having weekly end-of-the week events every Friday. We also celebrate our team wins in unique ways, even during times such as lockdown.

You will be part of a global team, with staff in Sydney, Melbourne, Manilla, Vancouver and New Zealand which has helped Burst SMS become one of the fastest-growing tech companies in the Asia-Pacific. You will be working with and alongside the founders of the business, and you will be part of a dynamic and innovative company within a high growth industry.

We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer and are committed to cultivating diversity in our teams. We recognise that the best ideas come from allowing the unique background, skills and personality of the individual to shine through.

And finally, we believe in investing back into everyone in our team, so also offer a generous equity programme for all employees.

Our Response to COVID-19

We take a very proactive response to COVID-19, with all staff working remotely from home. Hygiene protocols are in place throughout the building and office if there is a need to attend. Our company’s systems and processes are set in such a manner that there should be no limitations to your productivity when working from home. We are in constant communication globally and have cultural initiatives in place to help ensure you do not feel isolated from your team and or other departments. Albeit a trying time, we have taken this opportunity to recreate what a new world of working may look like and we invite you to help shape and build upon this vision with us.

Learn More

If you are keen, learn more about what we do here:

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