Industry Verticals

SMS for E-commerce and Retail

Learn how to use SMS to improve customer experience, retain customers, and boost your bottom line.
Industry Verticals
SMS for E-commerce and Retail

Whether you are a retail professional, customer service representative or you own an e-commerce business, SMS can help improve customer experience.

Case Study: Glam Corner

Glam Corner is Australia’s largest online designer fashion rental business. Whether you need something chic for a night out, an elegant gown for a formal, or a beautiful dress for a friend’s wedding, Glam Corner provides a unique fashion experience for any occasion.

Services: SMS API, SMS Reminders, SMS Marketing, SMS Alerts

Case Study: Tiny Polkadots

Tiny Polkadots is a speciality retailer which provides perfect gifts for babies, boys, and girls. They see childhood as a time of exploration, learning and having fun. All of our children’s products, toys, and clothing are carefully selected with this in mind.

Service: Sequencer - SMS Automation

Industry Inspiration: The Gap

The Gap is a global fashion retailer with 3000+ stores across the world. They specialise in the affordable space and focus on designing comfortable every-day wear. With Black Friday around the corner, which is the busiest and most lucrative day in the retail industry - The Gap needed to find a way to stand out.

Preferred Solutions: SMS Alerts

2 Way SMS


  • Sale alerts for flash promotions
  • Product inventory or delivery notifications

Customer Support

  • Offer customers a quick and easy way of sending inquiries
  • Can also be connected directly with Zendesk

Event Management

  • Get RSVPs for new product launches
  • Communicate with staff or volunteers through a group SMS chat (multiple chats can be created to separate groups)


  • Get your customers excited with new products coming soon
  • Ramp up engagement with SMS competitions

Orders and Deliveries

  • Status reports at every stage
  • Delivery confirmations
  • Invoicing

Reminders and Appointments

  • To help manage sale representatives meetings
  • For event attendees

Security and Identification

  • Confirm user accounts via text

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