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SMS for Education

SMS in schools is a natural progression towards enhancing the overall quality of life for students, teachers, and parents.
Industry Verticals
SMS for Education

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Schools, education professionals, government organisations, and parents

Case Study

Client: Humpybong State School

Services: 2 Way SMS and SMS Reminders

Humpybong State School needed to find a fast, reliable, and efficient way of communicating with parents. They wanted a platform which they could use to notify parents of important events, student attendance, and to also have the option of replying back to these updates.


  • New grades or report cards
  • Closure alerts—weather/safety/construction
  • Important or urgent announcements


  • Tally votes via SMS for talent shows, science fairs, cafeteria menu items, student body representatives, team awards (MVP), and other skilled competitions
  • Use text-in keywords to manage contest entries

Event Management

  • Have parents or students RSVP to an event via SMS (Gameday, sports day, family day, talent show, or a school play)
  • This works for any occasion such as a field trip, parent-teacher meeting, sports day, or any other special event


  • Raise money via SMS (Australia only)
  • You create unique SMS keywords which is linked to a master fundraising campaign. Multiple fundraising groups can be created at one time. For more details, click here.

Security and Identification

  • Use two factor authentication to add an extra level of security for students accessing their grades

Two Way Communication

  • Allow parents and teachers to stay in touch through 2 Way SMS
  • Multiple chat groups can also be created to allow parents in the same program to communicate with each other

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Conversion Benchmarks

According to Unbounce, the median conversion benchmark in the higher education industry is 2.6%. Your company is in the 90% percentile if you have an open rate of 9.3%+. See the chart below for more industry data.

Source: The Unbounce Conversion Benchmark Report

Missed Opportunities

  • 42.1% of marketers in the education industry have at least one page that converts less than 1.1%.
  • Marketers in the travel industry saw an average of 1,734 missed conversions
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