Industry Verticals

SMS for Fitness

Learn how gyms, fitness studios, and personal trainers can use SMS to talk to their clients and boost the bottom line
Industry Verticals
SMS for Fitness

Help your clients stay healthy. Keep them motivated by sending tips on how to train efficiently, and then share monthly specials to keep them coming.

Who Loves This?

Crossfit gyms, Fitness Clubs, Gyms, Health and Wellness Experts, Personal Trainers, Pilates and Yoga Studios

Sample Industry Use

Focus: Anytime Fitness

Preferred Solutions: 2 Way SMS, Automation, SMS Marketing, and SMS Reminders

It’s not easy being a marketer in the extremely diverse fitness industry. This is especially true if you have over 500,000 people to look after. There are so many different niches within fitness, and it’s near impossible to create a tailored experience for each member. Meanwhile, personal experiences are what fitness members crave.


  • Use SMS alerts when you have promotional pricing, special guests, or new wellness products
  • Announce maintenance or emergency gym closures
  • Overdue bill payments
  • Membership near expiry warning


  • Increase your retention and engagement numbers by setting special messages to send automatically
  • Examples of automation triggers:
  • Retention—one month of inactivity
  • Reward high volume clients such as when they hit 20+ visits in a month
  • Birthday greetings/rewards
  • Membership anniversary reward
  • Referral status updates


  • Use SMS keywords to launch easy to enter competitions
  • Keep track of referral competitions

Customer Support

  • Allow clients to text their personal trainers for tips on exercises


  • Send themed campaigns: Fit Fridays, Customer Appreciation Day, Woman’s Week, Marathon Training, Spartan Race, or Tough Mudder

Reminders and Confirmations

  • Class reminders
  • Personal training session reminders
  • Confirm class or session attendance
  • Tour/trial reminders
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