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SMS for Insurance

Learn how insurance businesses can take advantage of SMS to communicate with their clients and manage internal team communications
Industry Verticals
SMS for Insurance

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Insurance Brokers, Operation Managers, and Safety Compliance Professionals

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Focus: Insurance Industry

Preferred Solutions: SMS Alerts, SMS Automation, and SMS Reminders

Everyone will need some type of insurance at some point in their lives. It’s designed to give you peace of mind by protecting you from what you least expect. The problem with the insurance industry, however, is that it doesn’t always have the best reputation.


  • Policy updates
  • Price changes
  • Cover expiration


  • Insurance renewal reminders
  • End of waiting period reminder
  • Promotional offers on anniversary dates

SMS Marketing

  • Get customers to commit to longer terms or to renew early with SMS marketing
  • Use variables to send more relevant and highly personalised messages

People Management

  • Manage internal operations:
  • Employee appointment reminders and confirmations
  • Meeting changes or event invitations
  • Daily task lists
  • Group chat
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