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SMS for Politics and Government officials

Learn how politicians and government workers can use text messaging to communicate with their supporters and their local communities.
Industry Verticals
SMS for Politics and Government officials

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Government Officials, Local Ambassadors, Community Volunteers, and Politicians

Sample Industry Use

Focus: Hillary Clinton Presidential Campaign

Preferred Solutions: SMS Marketing, SMS Donations, and SMS Lead Generation

As of June 2016, Hillary Clinton is the presumptive Democratic nominee for the 2016 American Presidential Election. She has an established political resume and is also a Grammy-nominated spoken word author. The 2016 American election will go down in history as one of the most controversial elections ever to be seen in human existence. Here’s how she used SMS to help elevate her campaign along the way.

2 Way SMS

  • Easily survey your contacts
  • Allow supporters to contact you directly in a casual and less intimidating way


  • Public safety announcements
  • Extreme weather alerts
  • Voting alerts


  • Allow supporters to easily and instantly contribute to your campaign via SMS
  • Supporters can also help you raise funds by creating individual fundraising accounts, which can track their status individually or as a group
  • Track your top campaigners and reward them


  • Send direct announcements to your supporters
  • Invite supporters to rallies or local campaign events

Reminders and Appointments

  • Important events (Ex: Legislation changes, closures, special campaigning dates, and voting deadlines)
  • Internal meetings and possible schedule changes

Security and Identification

People Management

  • Engage with your volunteers and employees directly through group SMS chats
  • Staff members can be encouraged to report live status updates
  • Allow team members to voice casual feedback easily
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