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SMS for Tourism

How travel and destination businesses can use SMS marketing to improve customer experience and boost the bottom line.
Industry Verticals
SMS for Tourism

The travel industry is constantly changing. Weather alerts, fuel costs, new bylaws, and community events are just a few of the many aspects that shape the industry as a whole. Prices change every second, which means you need a tool that works as fast as you do.

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Case Study

Client: Cockle Bay Wharf Services: SMS Competitions and SMS Marketing

The Cockle Bay Wharf is an iconic Sydney location, situated right on Darling Harbour. It has a wide selection of culinary delights, live music, a vibrant nightlife, and amazing views of the weekly harbour fireworks.


Perfect for flash sales and time-sensitive price drops. These travel alerts work especially well for SMS messages since the average recipient takes only 3 minutes to see your message.

Competitions / Contests

Keep clients engaged by offering an intriguing prize, like a free all-inclusive trip to Mexico. Collect entries within seconds by using SMS keywords, or customise your own landing page with a trackable URL.

Customer Support

Clients always want the fastest possible support. This is especially true if it’s travel-related since prices change so quickly. If you’re a busy agent, and your client sends you a message—get it forwarded to your phone via SMS.


No one wants to see anything bad happen to our most beautiful tourism destinations, but natural disasters happen. When the unthinkable happens, help raise funds by setting up an SMS donation campaign.

Event Management

Planning your next event, expo, or convention? Get clients to RSVP through an SMS. Use a keyword opt-in or your own custom landing page to help gauge what your attendance numbers are.


Do you have an epic travel package, excursion, rewards system, or new rental to advertise? Get the message out quick by sending an SMS marketing blast.


Everyone’s excited about a vacation, but in the middle of all that excitement, people tend to forget the little and sometimes very big things. Send your clients a reminder, and they will be grateful.

Popular travel reminders include:

  • Travel itinerary
  • Check-ins
  • Voucher pick-ups
  • Packing/travel lists

Conversion Benchmarks

According to Unbounce, the median conversion benchmark in the travel industry is 5.0%. Your company is in the 90% percentile if you have an open rate of 19.7%+. See the chart below for more industry data.

Source: The Unbounce Conversion Benchmark Report

Missed Opportunities

  • 45.6% of marketers in the tourism industry have at least one page that converts less than 2.1%.
  • Marketers in the travel industry saw an average of 905 missed conversions
If you’re not already a Burst SMS customer, click here to sign up for a trial. As for all our lovely clients, we hope you found a new solution to help market your business. If you have any questions in regards to setting any of these services up, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
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