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SMS for Trades

How trade professionals can use SMS for internal team communications for alerts, safety, and productivity.
Industry Verticals
SMS for Trades

Communications in the trades industry need to be quick, efficient, and reliable. Reaching everyone in your organisation is easy with SMS. Whether they are on-site, in a remote area, or on their way to a business meeting—manage your team with Group SMS. Set single or multiple group SMS chats, and allow your teams to communicate with each other instantly.

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Trades Professionals (Builders, Carpenters, Construction Workers, Electricians, and Movers)

Case Study

Focus: Trades Industry

Solutions: Group SMS, SMS Reminders, and SMS Alerts

Miscommunication is just too common on a job site, especially when you’re dealing with a large team. Since there are so many people involved in a project, that means the time you waste from can be quite costly. Although projects are well documented and workers are briefed in the field, there is still plenty of room for error—especially from unpredictable elements.


  • Construction status alerts (Building permits, special clearance, zoning grants, machine failures, and etc)
  • Safety check progress
  • New bylaw or contract changes


  • Team meetings
  • Project tasks
  • Safety procedures
  • Employee training
  • Equipment deliveries

People Management & Operations

  • Delegate tasks and create individual groups inside an internal company chat, for example:
  • Electrical work in a specific section of the building
  • Painting
  • Create multiple team chats for either announcements (no replies) or for open communications (replies allowed)
  • Schedule work hours for employees
  • Send and receive quotes for machinery, maintenance, etc.

Conversion Benchmarks

According to Unbounce, the median conversion benchmark in the home improvement industry is 3.3%. Your company is in the 90% percentile if you have an open rate of 11.7%+. See the chart below for more industry data.

Source: The Unbounce Conversion Benchmark Report

Missed Opportunities

  • 45.1% of marketers in the home improvement industry have at least one page that converts less than 1.4%.
  • Marketers in the trades industry saw an average of 959 missed conversions last quarter
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