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SMS for Utilities

How energy, power, and utility companies can use SMS with their clients and communities.
Industry Verticals
SMS for Utilities

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Service providers, monthly contractors, telecommunication professionals, and all utility companies

Sample Industry Use

Focus: Vodafone

Preferred Solutions: Automated SMS Sequences, SMS Reminders, SMS Alerts, and SMS Marketing

Vodafone is a British multinational telecommunications company, which operates in 26 countries and has partner networks with 50 additional countries. Naturally, as a telecommunications company, Vodafone tries to maximise their usage and effectiveness of all SMS campaigns. Since they instantly start off with a 100% opt-in rate, their objective is to simply take full advantage of every possibility to upgrade their customer’s average spend.

Here’s an example of how Vodafone executes the usage of SMS within their business.


  • Payment due
  • Service outages
  • Routine maintenance checks


  • Early payment incentives
  • Contract renewal promotions
  • Packaged specials

Reminders and Appointments

  • Contract renewals
  • Contract expiry
  • Invoice due
  • Service appointments

Security and Identification

  • 2 Factor Authentication for account protection

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