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You asked for it, and we listened. This is where we will feature the latest mobile statistics and reports including: SMS marketing, Ecommerce, messaging, and global industry benchmarks.

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Global Usage of Mobile Adblock Surges

The world of online advertising can be a big and messy place. There'll be timely and relevant ads just like there'll be disruptive and irrelevant ads. Some ads might even be malicious, trying to scare you into doing things you shouldn't (such as installing a program to get rid of a computer virus you don't have).


20 Highlights from Meeker's Tech State of the Union Report

Each year Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers publishes a comprehensive report outlining everything happening in the technology space. We went through all 355 slides, and picked 20 highlights that we thought you should know.


Global Ecommerce Conversion Rate Benchmarks

Monetate recently published their quarterly Ecommerce report, measuring conversion percentages and overall sales from 2015-2016. They discovered that when it came down to customer retention, an alarming 78% of consumers would only engage in offers which were personalised from previous engagements with your brand. They also found that although 2016 capped off the largest sales period in history, it performed very poorly in-regards to customer retention.

A look into a new target audience - Netflix subscribers

Every business has a rough idea of who they want to target. The reason this is rough no matter how prepared you are is that consumer habits are constantly changing, which means you need to change with them. When it comes to marketing, you may have found yourself struggling to accurately label your new target audiences. Change is happening at a rapid rate. Attention spans change. Retention factors change. More importantly snack preferences change, but we will dive into that later.

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