10 SMS Templates for Feedback and Reviews

10 SMS Templates for Feedback and Reviews

Author of the popular 80s business book, How to Win Customers and Keep Them for Life, penned the gem: ‘A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.’

Decades later, the shoulder pads have gone, but online reputation management remains an ally in raising your rep.

As part of your SMS marketing strategy – use our ten text messaging templates below to seek feedback and create great customer experiences.

The power of asking

If you’ve ever shopped on Amazon or eBay, you’ll know why reviews are superstars (no pun intended). Customers are 65% more likely to purchase a product with only one review than a product with none. Amazon, in particular, prioritises customer satisfaction. Their reviews help potential customers get better working knowledge about a product. Think about the value of first-hand feedback to questions like: How can I use it? How will it arrive? What should I expect?

A 2020 study showed 90% of consumers factored reviews into their buying decisions. Nearly half (49%) of respondents believe the quantity of reviews is important; up from 35% in 2016. 78% of people think online reviews are as trustworthy as a recommendation from friends and family. That’s a whole lot of credibility in one tiny paragraph.

It begs the question: “how”? The simple answer to get more positive reviews is to ask for them. There are critical moments in every customer’s journey when their feedback is most valuable. At the least, ask for feedback:

  • After an appointment (for example, a car service, haircut or dog grooming session)
  • Post-sale (while the experience is fresh)
  • When they’ve contacted you for customer service (show they’re in a mutual conversation)

How to Ask Customers for Feedback and Reviews: 10 SMS Templates

Implementing a system to encourage feedback as part of your bulk SMS marketing strategy is vital. They can be as simple as a yes/no response or a series of questions with SMS responses via a 2 way SMS gateway.

The Net Promoter Score survey is also an effective way to gain insight into your online brand rep. It can help you to find out where there’s room for improvement. Collecting this data via bulk SMS marketing is low cost and simple.

Without further adieu, here are some savvy SMS templates to help you get started.

Template #1: Recent enquiry

Template #2: Google review

Template #3: Facebook review

Template #4: Trustpilot review

Template #5: Yelp review

Template #6: Feedback

Template #7: NPS score

Template #8: NPS score followup

Template #9: Review to win

Template #10: Review for discount

Listen to your customers

Customer reviews and feedback help you manage your online brand reputation. They highlight where you’re winning and where you need to put your energy.

Use a bulk SMS marketing service to listen to your customers. Our above templates are key to creating a brand reputation management strategy. Use our platform to send out surveys, feedback forms, and to help you build better customer experiences, brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Start your 14-day trial today, and use our SMS templates to strengthen your social proof. No credit card, no obligations.