100 Powerful words for SMS marketing

100 Powerful words for SMS marketing

What if there was a quick and easy way to get attention and drive your customers to action? What if all it took was adding a couple of words to your SMS marketing?

Already hooked? That’s because we stacked our opening sentence with powerful, emotional words, designed to make an impact and keep you reading.

Quick, easy, drive, action—these emotive ‘power words’ grab interest. In a world where the human attention span continues to narrow, interest is everything.

Increase your influence: keep our cheat-sheet up your digital sleeve. Your secret weapon: 100 powerful and emotional words to use with our online SMS service. These lexical big guns are frequent favourites; used for their ability to connect and spur fast action.

Create an emotional connection

The average human has a tiny attention span of 8 seconds. That’s less than the humble goldfish. Luckily, SMS is a get-to-the-point medium; a quick read. When someone opens your message, they’re looking to solve a problem or meet a need.

Some words resonate more than others. They work harder, evoke a greater reaction and have a more significant effect. Highly persuasive, they’re crucial when it comes to emotional selling. Writers love them.

These intentional, memorable words allow your audience to compare competing brands and products. They stimulate interest and create a desire that leads to purchase. Here they are in a ready-to-use list.

100 Powerful and Emotional Words

Here are a list of handy words to power-up your next SMS campaign

MoneyWinCheapImagineWhat if
TruthReliableIt's hereStopJoin us
EmpoweringOvercomeFixHelpNever again
DeadlineLimitedDon't forgetStrengthenExciting
FreeSaleSpecial offerUnlimitedAttention

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Emotional words work because…

‘Because’ is one of the most magical power words. In a nutshell, it tells your customer what’s in it for them.

Giving people a reason to do something, dramatically sways their willingness to do so. Harvard University professor and social psychologist, Ellen Langer, proved this handy concept. In the 1970s, her unique, straightforward test showed people are more willing to agree to a request when given a reason–even a lame one!

Motivating people is powerful, so try including ‘because’ in one of your next bulk SMS marketing messages. You can also use this persuasively-gifted word as a prompt, even without using the word itself. When crafting your message, ask yourself why your customer would care, then use the notion of ‘because’ to get you started on your answer.

Put power words to work

OK, so now you’ve got this handy list of words, what exactly do you do with them?

Step One

  • Write down a clear and simple version of your message using essential info only.
  • Is it compelling? Have you created any fear of missing out or an emotional response?
  • Keep the feeling you’re trying to create in mind, then think of words that bring that feeling to life.

Step Two

  • Remember–when using a web SMS service, don’t cram too many power words into your messages: rookie mistake.
  • Now sprinkle some descriptive words into your message. Think of it like sentence seasoning.
  • Try changing the order and see where you can pop-in an extra burst of emotion. Make your customer feel special and understand there’s an urgency to your offer.

Spot the difference:

Before: ‘‘The sale finishes on Sunday."

After: “Hurry! This exclusive discount is only available until Sunday.”

Three reasons these words make a power play:

  1. They cut through the attention-span-deficit by grabbing interest
  2. They connect with your audience and spur fast action
  3. They’re very persuasive and create a desire that leads to a sale

Use emotions to convert

Emotions are the greatest decision driver for taking action. When you only have a few seconds to make an impact, emotional words are the sorcery you need.

If you have trouble getting started, we’ve got cut and paste templates to get you started.

Cut through the clutter and supercharge your messages. Use our list of powerful and emotional words to add impact to your bulk SMS marketing with this 14-day trial. No obligations and no credit card required.