12 Mobile Design Tips from Adobe

12 Mobile Design Tips from Adobe

Building upon our previous feature about designing conversion optimised landing pages, let’s take a deeper dive into all the mobile elements needed to keep you ahead. Thankfully Adobe - industry leaders in design and reliable analytics, just published a report containing 12 tips for mobile design.

Mobile Design Tips

Here’s what you should be focusing on:

  1. De-clutter your user interface Mobile is not the place to try to stuff all your eggs into one basket. People are on the go, and only want what they need. Make it easy for them to find what they want.
  2. Design for interruption Since users are on the go, you should focus on singular actions. Let them to navigate while multi-tasking, or make it easy for them to pause and resume the process.
  3. Make a navigation self-evident Your navigation should feel natural. The user should know what to do based on their intuition.
  4. Make a great first impression Remember a bad mobile experience will deter your user from returning with about 80% confidence. Fast load times, clean visuals, a great experience, and an easy UI should be your focus.
  5. Align with device conventions Depending on what your audience is using or whether you are building an application, just remember that each operating system / browser will have a different UI. When possible, try to build your design around these natural elements to make your experience feel more natural.
  6. Design finger-friendly tap targets This is extremely important. Your call-to-action link elements should be 7mm-10mm in size so they can be accurately tapped.
  7. Design controls based on hand position Think about how your users are consuming your data, and where their hands or fingers may be. Don’t place prime call-to-action buttons in sections of your screen where a user may need to use two hands to reach.
  8. Create a seamless experience Your branding should flow through from your responsive website all the way down to your mobile experience. When possible, you should allow your users to carry on with an action which they may not have completed on a website to their mobile device.
  9. Use subtle animation and micro-interactions We live in a world of movement, however don’t overdo it. Implement subtle animations and micro-interactions inside mobile design to display your brand’s personality.
  10. Focus on readability User’s shouldn’t have to zoom in to your content to consume it. Try not to publish large blocks of text either. Use line breaks, symbols, bullets, and columns to make your content more readable.
  11. Don’t interrupt your users Stay away from pop-ups or other intrusive and non-relevant elements in your mobile design.
  12. Refine your design based on user testing Use AB testing to see which design gives you the best results. Keep tweaking your design overtime to get higher conversions.

Check out Adobe’s full report to get a quick run-down of each tip above.

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