12 SMS Templates for the Healthcare industry

12 SMS Templates for the Healthcare industry

When it comes to healthcare, life for your patients can change quickly as soon as they hear about their possible diagnosis and prognosis.

Helping them take care of the little things while they make big life decisions is what they may find the most helpful during these times. For them, it may be a friendly appointment reminder or a warm cup of tea and a blanket.

Timely communications also play a critical role in helping patients feel the support that they need. Text messaging allows you to connect with them instantly for things like:

  • Appointment and prescription reminders
  • Patient experience
  • One-time passwords, 2 factor authentication, and security
  • Test notifications
  • Promoting products and services
  • Business operations and staffing

Appointment and prescription reminders

Your patients may have a lot on their mind, so sending a friendly reminder for their next appointment or for refilling their prescriptions is a great way to extend your care.

Appointment Reminder

Prescription Reminder

Patient experience

You can use 2 Way SMS to open up a line between your healthcare workers and your patients, helping resolve simple health questions conveniently via text.

Deliver health news or tips to patients. For example, send wellness tips for the winter season or ergonomic home office for those that are WFH.

Checking in with your patients after a procedure is a phenomenal way to demonstrate your ongoing commitment to their wellbeing.

One-time passwords, 2 factor authentication, and security

It’s not uncommon for patients to forget their passwords. Use text messages to help them log in and reset their passwords.

Protecting your patients' privacy should be the utmost importance. Use SMS 2 factor authentication to for an extra layer of security.

Test notifications

Send test results to your patients to help them save time and potentially eliminate a need for a follow-up appointment. Like the use case above, you can add two-factor authentication for added security.

Promoting products and services

Healthcare practitioners can also use SMS marketing to promote products, services, or deals. For a massage therapist, this may mean making your clients aware of your winter Swedish massage special, while naturopaths can use SMS to promote seasonal herbs.

Business operations and staffing

Help keep things running smoothly to help prevent loss in revenue. Use text messages to manage your team’s shifts by integrating it into your system. Use SMS Keywords and 2 Way SMS to automate shift fulfilment work.

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