19 SMS Templates for Business Operations and Security

19 SMS templates for business operations and security

A quick 160 character text message can help you boost the operational efficiency of your business, improve customer experience, and strengthen account security.

The tricky part is finding the right words. If your message come across as too casual (or in some cases, too formal), then your recipients may question its authenticity.

To make things easier for you, we put together these SMS templates to help you get going.

Account notifications and fraud alerts

Many people take security very seriously, especially when it comes to their money. With the immediacy of SMS, clients can get notified of issues rather quickly.

If they’ve opted-in:


If NO:

If there’s unusual activity on the account, you can notify them immediately:

One-time passwords, 2 factor authentication, and security

It’s not uncommon for customers to forget their passwords. Use these templates to deliver concise and actionable text messages.

Business operations

Help keep business operations running smoothly to help prevent loss in revenue. Use text messages to reach your team quickly.

You can also use SMS to manage your team’s shifts by integrating it into your system. Use SMS Keywords and 2 Way SMS to automate shift fulfilment work.


If NO:

Cash flow is essential to keep a business going. Late payments can cause unnecessary stress. Send gentle reminders to nudge customers in the right direction.

Appointment reminders

Missed appointments cost businesses and organisations billions of dollars per year. SMS reminders can help people keep their commitments or reschedule.

Account onboarding

The first few steps after your customers create an account are crucial. You have their full attention, so use this time to send them helpful resources so that they feel valued.

We have many more SMS templates to inspire your next campaign. Check them out!

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