SMS Templates: Appointments, Reservations, and Reminders

You’re in your office, waiting for your next client to walk through the door. The clock continues to tick, and it eventually reaches the scheduled appointment time.

You call them and realise that they forgot. On your expense, you both agree to reschedule for another day.

For any appointment-based businesses, a missed appointment is a loss of productivity and revenue. For example, missed appointments cost the US healthcare system over $150 billion per year.

You can charge a no-show fee, but don’t expect your clients to be happy about that. Here’s the most obvious solution: don’t let them forget about you with an SMS reminder. Use these SMS templates to help remind your clients about their appointments or to make reservations.

Appointment Reminders

Template #1

*Character Count: 209 / 2x SMS

Template #2

*Character count: 160 / 1x SMS

Appointment Confirmations

*Character Count: 153 / 1x SMS

Restaurant Reminders

*Character Count: 155 / 1x SMS

Template #1 Sample Fill

Restaurant Reservations

Template #2

*Character Count: 154 / 1x SMS

Template #2 Sample Fill

Billing and Collections

Template #1

*Character Count: 148 / 1x SMS

Template #1 Sample Fill

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