Automate and set reoccurring SMS Campaigns with the Sequencer

Create complex sets of automated text messages with the new Burst SMS Sequencer. These sequences can also be set-up for reoccurring events such as birthday reminders, meetings, and other important tasks. Activating these sequences is easy. Whether you use keywords, forms, API callbacks or manually add lists - the sequencer will work with pre-existing workflows.

To make the set-up process even easier, the Sequencer also incorporates a Natural Language UI:

Case study: pre-birthday reminders

Client - Tiny Polkadots

Using our highly advanced messaging automation system, we set up a repeating reminder that includes the parents name and the names of children. The reminder is scheduled to go out 3 weeks prior to the birthday with a 15% off offer. Our message automation system is capable of sending and triggering personalised text messaging in an infinite number of ways.

Sample Sequencer Workflow

1: Auto Reply

2: The Reminder

3: Follow up

For more information on how to use the Sequencer, contact us: