Filld: Delivering gas via SMS

Filld: Delivering gas via SMS

We recently came across Filld, a North American startup that delivers gas directly to your car. But here’s what piqued our interest—they use SMS to communicate with their customers.

Filld sends SMS reminders to you based on the location you used during set up. Twice a week, you receive text messages reminding you that they’re in your area. If you’re feeling a little lazy or if you can’t be bothered to fill up gas on your own, then Filld solves that problem.

Each reminder includes the SMS keyword, “YES”. If you reply with it, Filld sends an auto-response with further instructions and a delivery truck overnight. And if you have special instructions, you can text “NOTE” followed by additional details. We went through the process… for science, and it was surprisingly easy. We replied “YES” and left our car in the designated location with the gas cap ajar. In the morning, the gas tank was full as promised.

Unfortunately, they sent us an email delivery confirmation instead of an SMS one, which a bit of a blunder when it comes to consistency and the customer experience.

Here are real text messages that we received:

Final thoughts

Overall, this is a clever and cost-effective way to communicate with their customers. Rather than spending thousands of dollars on a mobile app, this simple approach gets the job done and doesn’t force their customers to download an app to use their services. What’s your opinion?