7 SMS Templates for Easter

The Easter weekend is a well-celebrated day for many worldwide. Whether it’s for a religious reason or not, use this opportunity to drive customers to your business. Word of caution—there are many puns in the following SMS templates 😀.

Reply to Win

Template #1

Template #2

Create an SMS auto-response for BALI:

Note: Promote your SMS Keyword on your website and on your print and digital ads to help you generate new mobile leads.

Limited Time Offers

Template #1

Send an SMS marketing campaign to promote your offer:

Template #2

Send a Flash Sale that lasts less than 24 hours:

Create an SMS-based Easter Egg Hunt

Template #1

Drive in-store traffic:

Use SMS Keywords to automate the hunt:

Entrants can start the egg hunt by texting in an SMS keyword like EGGHUNT. You can create an auto-response for this like:

Template #2

Be sure to add additional SMS keywords at other egg locations to help them find the next clue and continue the hunt. You can leave even little prizes or information at each location to help your customers learn about your business or your great offers.

Template #3

Drive traffic to your website:

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