17 SMS Templates for Events, Expos & Trade Fairs

17 SMS Templates for Events, Expos & Trade Fairs

Event planning isn’t an easy feat, and much of your hard work will typically go unnoticed. Still, your guests, speakers, and partners expect a great event experience. SMS can make it easier, from marketing and promotions all the way to customer satisfaction and feedback. Learn how with the SMS templates below.

Before Ticket Release

Promote your upcoming event to your mobile database with an SMS competition

Create an SMS auto-response for HEALTH

Note: Promote your SMS Keyword on your website and on your print and digital ads to help you generate new mobile leads.

Ticket Releases

Send an SMS marketing campaign to promote ticket releases

Send an SMS reminder to encourage last-minute sign ups

Week Before the Event

Encourage attendees to sign up for a VIP list to receive promotional offers

Create an SMS auto-response for VIPHEALTH

During the Event - VIP List

Send SMS flash sales that promote your vendors

Send SMS promotions and freebies for your attendees

During the Event - Everyone

Deliver an exceptional customer experience

Note: You can encourage attendees to text in their questions to your dedicated virtual number with banners and flyers.

Keep the expo exciting with a competition

If they respond with WIN:

Generate buzz or provide on-going updates

Post Event

Gather feedback with SMS Keywords

If they respond with 1:

If they respond with 2:

If they respond with 3:

Send a survey to collect feedback

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