Here’s how gyms and fitness studios are adjusting their business models

 How gyms and fitness studios are adapting to closures

Fitness studios and gyms around the world are adapting and moving to a more digitally enhanced model, while physical locations remain closed. As fitness enthusiasts ourselves, we have seen these health-oriented businesses offer a variety of helpful solutions.

Virtual Subscriptions

Fitness videos and virtual classes have slowly gained traction since 2018. Virtual concepts gained popularity with the rise of Peloton, BBG, Nike NTC,, and the increasing affordability of health tracking wearable tech.

Amazing value in the sense of quality, cost, and convenience are the trademarks of a successful virtual subscription. Traditional fitness studios and gyms, such as Vision PT, YYoga, F45, and Classpass, are now pivoting their business models to offer virtual subscriptions as an additional product line.

Enabling Virtual Logistics

Classpass provides additional revenue to many active health businesses, and is continuing to support their partners by temporarily going 100% digital with all bookings. For businesses struggling with setting up virtual logistics and managing subscriptions, step-by-step guides are available to help organise a virtual class. This is something your business can implement very quickly as an additional revenue stream.

If your business has the logistics in place and just needs to narrow down your streaming options, you may find these platforms helpful:

Mind Body Online also recently released a helpful guide on virtual logistics.

Equipment Rentals

The cost of gym equipment has increased, while physical locations are temporarily closed. Gym equipment is not considered essential, which means it’s not covered under the price gauging laws. Dumbbells, for example, can be found at upwards of 10x the price if available. This is a big price to pay, as many people who want this equipment are likely still paying for their gym memberships.

Most gym members are in a contract where they pay their monthly dues whether a gym is open or closed. When a gym is closed for a prolonged time, it can upset their members. Gyms recognise this and are now offering equipment rentals to their members. This is a simple solution, which will increase the likelihood of your members renewing their contracts.

Consistent Communications

Times are changing quickly, and your members want to be in the loop. Health still remains a priority, and they are expecting you to get in touch with them. We recognise that fitness professionals are finding it especially difficult to craft the right message, that’s why we created a set of relevant templates to help you get started.

Status Updates

Member Check-ins

Your members need your support and maybe struggling to keep up with their initial fitness goals right now. Schedule frequent check-ups to see how they are doing.

Staff Check-ins

In this current state of affairs, over-communicating is becoming the norm, especially among your team members. Things can get hectic very quickly. Group SMS chats can help you segment your conversations from other channels.

Fitness Challenges

It’s the perfect time to issue a fitness challenge. Anytime Fitness recently launched an at-home challenge which encourages all members to participate. Their goal is to help improve member health holistically. Their challenge includes live workouts, meal plans, shopping lists, recipes, accountability reports, and a connection with the rest of the community.

Don’t forget to congratulate members on their milestones along the way:


It’s easy to lose track of time at home. Reminders can be sent to attendees who have signed up but are not in the class after the start time.


If this is the first time your business is doing an online class, collecting feedback is a must. You can simply ask for their feedback and start a conversation, or use keywords to collect feedback. You can then set custom autoresponders depending on how your members respond with text or emoji keywords.

Equipment Rentals

Final Thoughts

What’s happening in the world at this time is unprecedented, however, staying healthy and strengthening immune systems is more important than ever. Your fitness services are essential in maintaining the health and wellbeing of the community. We believe that it’s important to adapt to these global changes, and we hope that you found these tips helpful.