4 ways to collect SMS donations

4 ways to collect SMS donations

During tax time, the holidays, or emergencies, SMS makes it very easy for your charity to collect donations, especially with GiveEasy.

Here are four ways that you can use SMS to collect donations.

1) Inbound SMS donations

Inbound SMS donations, which some refer to as text-to-donate campaigns, are very easy to set up. Donors simply text an SMS keyword to your dedicated virtual number, and they’ll automatically receive a reply-back with a link to a mobile-friendly donation page.

For example, a donor can send the word OLIVE to 0417666938 to start the donation process with the Australian Working Dog Rescue charity.

After someone makes their first donation, they don’t need to fill in the form again for future donations. It’s one of GiveEasy’s amazing perks. Upon payment, they also instantly receive an emailed tax receipt.

Tip: Promote this SMS keyword on all your marketing channels—online, direct mail, transit, etc.

2) Outbound SMS donations

Send an outbound SMS campaign to your list. If they’re previous donors, they can complete their donation within the text message. If not, they can fill in the donation form on the mobile-friendly landing page.

3) Recurring SMS donations

This makes monthly payments easy. Once a donor signs up for recurring payments, they automatically receive monthly SMS reminders, allowing them to skip or cease payments. This makes the process easier to control for the donor and keeps the cause at the top of mind.

4) Community Fundraising via SMS

Unique keywords can be generated and fully integrated to compliment URL fundraising links. Each fundraiser will receive their own unique keyword, which will be linked to a master campaign. Multiple fundraising groups can be created.

Burst SMS partnered with GiveEasy to provide you with a simple digital donations platform. Collect donations with ease, and let GiveEasy handle all the paperwork. They will help take care of your banking information, processing, reconciling, legal, security, data, and technical issues—so you don’t have to.

GiveEasy helped hundreds of charities increase their donations and improve community engagement. Current and past charities include: National Breast Cancer Foundation, Big Brothers, Starlight Foundation, Heart Research Centre, The Salvation Army, and more.