6 Simple tips for creating SMS campaigns that convert

6 Simple tips for creating SMS campaigns that convert

A powerful call-to-action (CTA) converts leads into customers by propelling the reader to take immediate action. So, what is a CTA and why is it so important? We’ll explain the CTA basics before taking you through the six steps of creating an effective CTA for your SMS marketing campaigns. To finish off, we’ll show you where to access industry-specific SMS templates that are guaranteed to be successful.

Six tips for creating powerful SMS CTAs

A CTA is a statement that prompts the user to act. It’s that simple. We’ve all experienced predictable CTAs without any inspiration:

Subscribe. Learn more. Sign up.

It’s essential to map your customer journey and work out what you’re trying to achieve with your SMS marketing campaign. What do you want the customer to do? Armed with this knowledge, use our six-step checklist to write a click-converting CTA.

Tip 1: Keep it short

Make sure your message is clear and get to the point straight away. In the world of SMS marketing, fewer words mean more impact. Write content that’s punchy and easy to act on.

For example, ‘Hungry? Want a FREE cheeseburger? Text BURGER to 87658. You’ll receive a FREE cheeseburger with your next online order.’

Tip 2: Communicate urgency

Your CTA needs to include a deadline to compel the customer to take action. Create an offer that is available for a short time only to convey urgency. Steer away from open-ended promotions.

For example, ‘Save $10 during our crazy 48-hour sale. Reply with YES to receive a coupon.’

Tip 3: Use memorable keywords

A SMS keyword is selected for a particular SMS marketing campaign to encourage customers to respond. A memorable keyword relates to your brand or campaign and is usually one word.

For example, ‘PIZZA’ is a better keyword than ‘MARIOSPIZZAANDPASTA’.

Tip 4: Focus on the customer benefit

What’s in it for the customer? Highlight a benefit to motivate customers to act. A free giveaway, a substantial discount, or a chance to win a prize will drive people to take action.

For example, ‘Win an all-expenses-paid world trip for two. Text WORLD to 055320.’

Tip 5: Personalise your message

Addressing the customer by their first name builds connection and trust. Adding custom variables is an effective tool to personalise your SMS campaigns.

For example, ‘Hey Rebecca, Thanks for renewing your fitness membership. We’d like to thank you with a 20% discount on all our online health products. Visit [Link]. Offer ends 29/10.’

Tip 6: Shorten your URLs

Space is premium in a text message, so shortening URLs is essential. Other benefits include customisation, tracking, getting real engagement measurement and saving costs by reducing message length.

The psychology of good and bad CTAs

In summary, an effective call-to-action in an SMS message is short, informative and creates an urgency for the reader. It’s the type of marketing message you have to respond to. In contrast, a bad CTA doesn’t inspire action.

Here are examples of a good CTA:

  • Get your free eBook now
  • Join free for a month
  • Give Burst SMS a try today
  • Let’s start a new project together

Let’s compare this to not-so-good CTAs:

  • Submit
  • Subscribe
  • Sign up

Let’s discuss the psychology behind these CTAs:

  1. Click-worthy CTAs guide customers through the buying process, persuading the client to make a purchase.
  2. A good CTA holds the promise of a benefit for the customer. It’s important to clearly answer the question, ‘What’s in it for me?’
  3. Minimise the risk for the customer.
  4. Ask at the right time.
  5. Keep it simple.

Get started with SMS Templates

Writing a compelling CTA for your SMS marketing campaign is a challenging task. We’ve made it easy for you by creating SMS templates for a wide range of industries. Pick the most relevant one, adapt and off you go.

Final Thoughts

A professionally crafted CTA is a powerful marketing tool. A clear, punchy CTA has the potential to boost conversions while a poorly written call-to-action leaves customers wondering what you want them to do. Why not add SMS marketing to your business toolkit?

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