7 features that every SMS platform should have

7 features that every SMS platform should have

Do you know what separates the great online SMS service providers from the average ones?

Most of the time, people talk about the main features, but the smaller features are just as important. They work behind the scenes while you’re going about your business. And if they’re missing, it’ll negatively impact your productivity and bottom line.

So what are they exactly?

Here are seven features that separate Burst from other online SMS service providers:

1) Automatic number formatting

Formatting your list of mobile numbers can take time, so we made it easy for you. Burst automatically adds country codes (for 35+ countries) to all the mobile numbers you upload, letting you jump straight into the fun part—sending SMS campaigns.

2) Duplicate management

Our platform removes duplicates from your lists, so you can be confident that you won’t be sending the same SMS campaign to your customers multiple times unintentionally.

3) Landline filtering

Some customers may provide you with their landline numbers. Intentional or not, Burst skips them whenever you send an SMS campaign, so you don’t need to worry about spending money on numbers that automatically bounce.

4) List merging

You’re regularly getting new leads, and you’ll want to make sure the list you’re sending to is up-to-date. Other online SMS services may require you to upload an entirely new list each time. But with our platform, you can upload your new list directly on top of your current one, and it will add all your new contacts and skip any duplicates.

Say goodbye to all the “master” lists you had to upload each time you got new contacts.

5) Global opt-out list

No need to download or upload your opt-out lists because our platform manages it all for you.

When your contacts respond with an opt-out, we add them to the global opt-out list automatically. And when you decide to send your next SMS campaign, we cross check your recipient list with it to ensure that you remain spam compliant.

You’ll never send text messages to recipients who have opted out, saving you from complaints and spending money on those that are no longer interested in hearing from you.

6) Quick SMS

Our Quick SMS feature enables you to get messages out to a few contacts quickly without having to upload a list. Simply type in their number and your message and click send. It’s also available as a bookmark, so you can access it on demand without logging in.

7) Hard bounce reporting

Your customers change, and so can their contact information. Hard bounces occur when you’re sending text messages to mobile numbers that are no longer active. Unlike other online SMS service providers, Burst provides you with a report of your hard bounces, so you can easily remove them.

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