9 SMS templates to drive your automotive business forward

9 SMS templates to drive your automotive business forward

Competition is tough in the world of car dealerships and auto repair shops. SMS templates are a great way to stand out from the crowd, market your business, provide customer service, and manage your administrative duties.

Marketing your business

Use SMS marketing to reach your clients directly, no matter where they are.

Promotional offers

Often the only thing standing between a customer and their dream car is the price tag. Get them over the line by sending SMS promotions on optional car modifications or a new car you have on the lot.

New car unveiling

Car junkies will appreciate receiving SMS notifications of the newest cars that hit the floor at your dealership.

Keeping appointments on track

Repair status updates

Use SMS to send customers updates on the progress of their repair or to notify them when their vehicle is ready to pick up.

Time-sensitive reminders

It’s important for your customers to get certain maintenance jobs done on time - use SMS reminders to prompt customers to schedule their routine service and stay safe.

Appointment reminders

Make sure customers show up to their service or appointment on time with automatic SMS reminders a day or two in advance, with the option to confirm or cancel.

Take care of your customers

Prioritising customer care is the best way of earning good karma, winning repeat customers, and enjoying word-of-mouth marketing.

Customer service enquiries

By texting your virtual mobile number, customers can send through quick questions about their payments, contract, and more while they go about their day.

Survey and feedback prompts

After a customer has visited your auto repair shop or dealership, you can send them a quick survey via text to get valuable feedback.

Birthdays or vehicle anniversaries

Why not make things fun by sending a friendly text to customers on their birthday or their car’s birthday (the anniversary of their vehicle purchase)?

Send emergency alerts

When dealing with vehicles, safety is of the utmost importance.

Car or parts recall

Occasionally, a vehicle model or part of a vehicle will be recalled by the manufacturer. Keep your customers safe by immediately informing them via an SMS alert.

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