A look into a new target audience - Netflix subscribers

A look into a new target audience - Netflix subscribers

Every business has a rough idea of who they want to target. No matter how prepared you are, customer habits are constantly changing. This means you need to change with them. When it comes to marketing, you may have found yourself struggling to accurately label your new target audiences. Change is happening at a rapid rate. Attention spans change. Retention factors change. More importantly snack preferences change, but we will dive into that later.

Many popular brands and services are gaining loyal followers, which are developing into large and dependable target audiences. Netflix for example has not only become a verb, but it’s now a noun. It describes a very specific group of people with characteristics which appeal to businesses around the globe. This may be surprising to many since Netflix seems like a fairly new company, but it’s actually been around for 20 years (founded in 1997).

The Netflix Effect: Starring.. the Small Screen?

Okay, so here’s where the fun part starts. Through the steady increase of consumers purchasing more data and widespread 4G LTE coverage (with 5G along the way), mobile users no longer fear the thought of streaming large videos. This is a massive cultural change, which will allow you to be much more immersive in marketing to your customers. In the last year for example, Netflix has increased their mobile views by an astonishing 82%.

Netflix User/Subscriber Statistics (AU Edition)

  • 89% are likely to be 18-24 along with a large skew aged between 25-39
  • Their households average above $102,000+ per year
  • They are likely to be trendsetters and opinion leaders within their social circle
  • They are also more likely to spend more on products of higher quality, consistent to the image they wish to convey
  • 65% are likely to be the main grocery shoppers compared to the rest of the Australian population
  • The traditional Netflix and Chill phase has been replaced with family night
  • 1 in 2 Netflix users/subscribers have young children under the age of 3 at home

Snack Habits

I wasn’t kidding when I said snacks were important. Nielsen knows how to compile an impressive list of data that we love to indulge in.

Percentage of Netflix Users/Subscribers who brought popular movie and TV snacks

Source: Consumer & Media View Survey 8 (October 2015 - September 2016); Homescan data for 13 weeks ended Oct. 1, 2016

As irrelevant as this portion of the article may seem towards your business (unless you’re a grocery or snack store of course), there’s a point to this beautiful graph. Netflix consumers want to be trendsetters. Traditionally you would expect them to be snacking on popcorn, but that’s not the case. The classic potato chip is a close second, but not their highest preference. They like to try new things, and are willing to take chances on new experiences. Remember that.

If you want to target this new Netflix demographic, then let your creativity shine through. Get their attention, and you will reap the rewards. Good luck, and snack well my friends.

Reference: Nielsen