Alibaba smashes its Single’s Day mobile sales record once again

Alibaba smashes its Single's Day mobile sales record once again

China’s biggest shopping day, which is also known as Single’s Day, hit record-breaking sales again last week. Sales during the 24 hour period held by the Alibaba Group ended with $25.3 billion (USD).

According to Alizila, 90% the of sales were generated by mobile devices this year. This figure represents a tremendous jump from just five years ago (2012) when it was just 5%.

Singles' Day Sales Figures

**Singles' Day History**
**Year** **Total Sales** **Total Mobile Sales**
**2012** 3.1 Billion 155 Million (5% sales share)
**2013** 5.8 Billion 1.22 Billion *(21% sales share)*
**2014** 9.3 Billion 3.96 Billion *(43% sales share)*
**2015** 14.3 Billion 9.8 Billion *(69% sales share)*
**2016** 17.79 Billion 14.6 Billion *(82% sales share)*
**2017** 25.3 Billion 22.77 Billion *(90% sales share)*

* Source: Alizila 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012

2016 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales

Here’s how Single’s Day stacked up against their Western counterparts in both Black Friday and Cyber Monday:

Just over a third of sales for Black Friday and Cyber Monday were from mobile devices last year.

**Black Friday History**
**Year** **Total Sales** **Total Mobile Sales**
**2012** 1.39 Billion n/a
**2013** 1.93 Billion 463 Million *(24% sales share)*
**2014** 2.40 Billion 600 Million *(25% sales share)*
**2015** 2.74 Billion 904 Million *(28% sales share)*
**2016** 3.34 Billion 1.2 Billion *(36% sales share)*
**Cyber Monday History**
**Year** **Total Sales** **Total Mobile Sales**
**2012** 1.98 Billion n/a
**2013** 2.29 Billion 366 Million *(16% sales share)*
**2014** 2.65 Billion 477 Million *(18% sales share)*
**2015** 2.98 Billion 834 Million *(28% sales share)*
**2016** 3.39 Billion 1.2 Billion *(35% sales share)*

* Black Friday Source: Adobe, CMO; Cyber Monday Source: Adobe, CMO

Mobile Traffic Forecast

According to a recent forecast by Adobe, mobile website traffic for US retailers is expected to exceed desktop traffic for the first time this holiday season. Sales from desktop devices should still make up the majority, but it’ll be interesting to see if mobile devices can continue its momentum and break its previous sales share record.

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