Annual Snapshot: 2016 Burst SMS upgrades and innovations

Annual Snapshot: 2016 Burst SMS upgrades and innovations

It’s been another busy year full of helpful innovations here at Burst SMS. Let’s take a look back at all the new features, upgrades, and services that we added.

Put an upgrade on it

Upgrades were made all around. On the server side, we migrated to a faster, even more secure server with AWS. This new sever will also allow us to unlock more even more special SMS features in the future. On the front-end side, juicy redesigns were given to Burst SMS Australia and our humble support portal.

Let’s not forget about the content. We started off the year by introducing our first of many State of SMS reports (stay tuned for the 2016 edition). We continued to build upon our blog by releasing a dedicated section for SMS Templates, which help you launch campaigns even faster. Then we decided that it would be a great idea to publish an industry first SMS E-Course, a comprehensive series of insider content compiled over 8 years.

Year of integrations

We want to make your life easier, by allowing you to connect your favourite applications with our platform. That’s why we welcomed DotMailer, Marketo, Oracle Eloqua, Zendesk, and 500+ popular applications through Zapier to our integrations roster.

Give me more

We believe that Burst SMS provides the absolute best value vs price in the SMS space. In addition to providing you with one of the most simple to use SMS services in the world, industry leading support, and a treasure chest of strategic content – we are still focused on innovating our platform with fresh features.

Here are just a few new features that headlined 2016: unique trackable links, custom sender-ID opt-outs, managed MMS services, UTF-8 emoji and special character compatibility, UTF-8 text-in keywords, and advanced automation services.

An ode to our lovely support team

Providing excellent support has always been a cornerstone of our business. That’s how we maintained a 95-98% satisfaction rating throughout the years - currently sitting at a humble 98%. Whenever you are stuck, make your way to our newly redesigned support portal. If you can’t find the answer to your problem, open the live chat. Access the live chat on the bottom right corner of any Burst SMS web page. Give us a call, if want to hear the sound of our voices at 1300 012 014. Feeling a bit shy? No worries, send us an email instead.

2016 Innovation Summary

We are just getting warmed up. If you want more, we are up to the challenge. Expect big things coming your way in 2017.

Happy holidays, and have a fantastic new year ladies and gentlemen. We wish you, your family, and business all the best.

Cheers from the Burst family!