Are you set up to send and receive SMS?

Are you set up to send and receive SMS?

When personalised and speedy communication matters, SMS is the tool to use. SMS can help engage with and convert leads, making it one of the most valuable assets for your team.

Why sending and receiving SMS is important

Sending and receiving SMS is a way for improving the functionality of your processes without creating extra work for your team.

With our secure SMS service, for example, your customer service, sales, and support teams will be able to send and receive text messages from our platform.

Once you have a virtual mobile number set up, you’ll be able to process replies and incoming messages via Burst platform. This helps create a consistent identity across your SMS marketing campaigns without siloing messages through personal mobile phones. It also lets you get creative with features like SMS keywords, list segmentation, SMS automation, and much more.

How to send and receive SMS

Let’s look at some possible implementations of 2 Way SMS for your business.

Say you’ve recently opened up a restaurant and are hoping to draw in new customers. Running a competition through SMS can be a fantastic way of encouraging customers participate. All they need to do is text an SMS keyword to your virtual mobile number.

It would be as simple as popping a sign on the counter that says ‘Win a dinner date for two’. To enter the competition, customers have to text the keyword ‘DINNERDATE’ to your virtual number.

The ease of texting incentivises customers to enter your competition right then and there, while also making it easy for you to reply to their entries manually or with an automated response.

More importantly, you now have all the information you need to send deals and promotions in the future directly to their phone, all while increasing brand awareness.

The same strategy can be used to generate leads across industries including:

  • At trade shows, exhibitions and conferences, where you can advertise your virtual phone number and keyword at your booth
  • At career expos and university campuses, where you can promote your SMS keyword to find new talent
  • On real estate placards, allowing passersby to text you about the property you have available

Some other ways 2 Way SMS use cases include:

  • Easy opt-in to your contact list or automation cycle
  • Real-time customer service chat
  • Instant surveying and feedback
  • Sending appointment confirmations and reminders
  • Notifying customers of their cart abandonment
  • Reminding customers of their wishlist or notifying them of any saved items that are now on sale

Start finding valuable leads and engaging customers via SMS.

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