Brighten up your Easter campaigns with emojis

Brighten up your Easter campaigns with emojis

Typically filled with chocolate, eggs, and the renowned Easter bunny, this $18.2 billion industry is the perfect opportunity to get your promotions out in the open. Get creative and become even more memorable by sending SMS marketing campaigns with emojis.

How to add emojis to your text messages

Highlight and copy the emoji of your choice from the Emoji column below, and then paste it when you compose an SMS. If you’re looking for more, check out the master list or animal list.

You can also click on the smiley face emoji thatโ€™s immediately under your Sender ID drop-down menu when composing an SMS in Burst. Hereโ€™s a guide.

Easter Emoji List
Emoji Unicode Description
๐Ÿ™Œ U+1F64C Raising Hands
๐Ÿ™ U+1F64F Folded Hands
๐Ÿฐ U+1F430 Rabbit Face
๐Ÿ‡ U+1F407 Rabbit
๐Ÿฃ U+1F423 Hatching Chick
๐Ÿค U+1F424 Baby Chick
๐Ÿฅ U+1F425 Front-Facing Baby Chick
๐ŸŒฑ U+1F331 Seedling
๐Ÿฅš U+1F95A Egg
โ›ช U+26EA Church
โœ๏ธ U+271D Latin Cross
โ˜ฆ๏ธ U+2626 Orthodox Cross
๐Ÿ‘ผ U+1F47C Baby Angel
๐ŸŒŸ U+1F31F Glowing Star
๐Ÿซ U+1F36B Chocolate Bar

Keep in mind that emojis use Unicode encoding, and they’re bigger than regular characters. As soon as you add an emoji, your SMS switches to support Unicode. Instead of getting 160 characters per SMS, you now get 70 characters, so your message needs to be brief unless you don’t mind going over.

Emoji Keywords

Did you also know that you can create emoji keywords? They function like a regular SMS keyword, but theyโ€™re much more creative and fun for your customers. For example, your customers can send you a pizza emoji to opt in to your SMS list. Read more about it here.