[Case Study] Storytelling via SMS automation

[Case Study] Storytelling via SMS automation

Bible Society is Australia’s oldest institution, and is concerned with providing people with access to the Bible and the ability to understand the love of Jesus. They’re passionate about finding new and creative ways to help Australia engage with the Bible. They work off a donor model in order to fund their social campaigns such as overseas literacy or helping battered women. Bible Society partnered with Sujet, a narrative consultancy, to help spread the word about their organisation and their causes.

The Problem

People are reluctant to donate, especially if they’re a part of a younger generation. Bible Society wanted to find a way to engage this type of audience in a fun and exciting way and to encourage them to become donors.

The Solution

The Sequencer was selected as one of the primary tools used for the Bible Society’s Easter Holytxt 2018 campaign. This program immersed subscribers in a story about Jesus' death and resurrection from his disciples' point of views. Bible Society told the story in a sequence of messages, which included a combination of text, imagery, and video. Over a span of 7 days, 4365 contacts in 3 different times zones across Australia received over 160,000 text messages. They also used unique Custom Sender ID’s to help subscribers identify each disciple.

Brad and Rohit were amazing. They were adaptable to last minute issues, helped us creatively problem solve last minute issues and provided above and beyond support. They went far beyond the call of duty and supported us technically the whole way. The team was a pleasure to work with, and nothing was too hard. We look forward to working with them on Holytxt 2019. Thank you so much!

— Hannah Steele, Account Executive

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