Every mobile campaign can be a personal, targeted and SPAM free

Every mobile campaign can be a personal, targeted and SPAM free

Our highly intelligent software eliminates the worry of SPAM compliance making you the expert.

Media authorities are harsh on marketers that don’t comply with SPAM law. Our free tools remove the worry.

  • Upload thousands of contacts in seconds from a CSV file. Full import reporting.
  • Automated import filters format recipient numbers, removes dupes and opt-outs.
  • Continuous automated opt-out management with our global opt-out list and virtual reply numbers maintaining SPAM compliance at all times.

Build targeted lists using keywords and web forms

The key to building a database is getting consent to send messages. To get consent you will need to collect data via approved touch points. We make it easy by allowing you to:

  • Build a compliant form using our customisable cut and paste code that you can plug into any website.
  • Create SMS keyword campaigns on dedicated inbound numbers to receive opted in leads to your lists.
  • Setup auto replies with vouchers, trigger emails, engage leads and more.

Personalise every message with custom variables

When people get a text message they expect a personal communication. It is not like email marketing where marketing SPAM is an accepted part of the inbox. You must treat the recipient with respect and address them personally to get the best response.

  • Schedule campaigns at the times the recipient would most like to receive them.
  • Specify variables that can be inserted into each message for personalisation.
  • Create as many lists as you like all with their own custom data.