Get in the Halloween spirit with these SMS templates

Get in the Halloween spirit with these SMS templates

Boo! The spookiest time of year is almost here – who doesn’t love a dress-up theme accompanied by a truckload of treats? Even though Halloween isn’t an official holiday here, it’s a great excuse to drive new business and create an SMS campaign to engage with your customers. We’ve made it easy for you with a selection of frightening templates across various industries to help you ace your happy Halloween text message.

Be terrifyingly tempting with a spooky SMS campaign

You may not think you can draw a parallel between your industry and all things Halloween, but we’re here to prove you wrong. Here are some spine-chilling and cute Halloween text message templates; feel free to adapt them directly into your campaigns!


Whatever your product is, a Halloween SMS is a great marketing opportunity. The direct nature of this channel means your SMS will be read almost instantly. So put away your superstition and get texting with these templates.

These templates are a great match for MMS too. Add an image of your Halloween costume sale items to increase your impact.


SMS is a mighty medium for the foodservice space, so use a Halloween theme to offer deals and run contests. To get in the trick-or-treat mood and make dining fun for your customers, try one of these templates.

Orders and Delivery

Shape an otherwise dull connection into something more engaging with some Halloween personality. SMS is a sensational way to engage your customers as they interact across your entire service cycle.


Need to motivate your customers, help them brush off the cobwebs, and get active? Hinge your marketing on the scariest day of the year and work with these templates.


You may think it’s a stretch to connect funny Halloween texts with cars, but we’ve got our mysterious ways. Here are some ideas to get you started.


Yes, fright night is all about the supernatural, but your clients may be going for a more refined, sophisticated look. A bit of humour on Halloween goes a long way. Even though SMS works wonders on its own, you can also use it to support other channels. For example, you can use SMS to remind your audience to read your email. Try out these templates.


Halloween informational texts are a fun way to theme your holiday text messages. Tamper with these templates to start a buzz about all things getaway. Make sure to pay attention to your response data so you can determine which customers are more likely to engage. This allows you to target future campaigns more effectively.

Everyone loves a picture of paradise, so pair up these templates with an MMS. Add an image of your destination to up the aspirational aspect.

Let’s make like a mummy and wrap-up

SMS is a top tool for running a Halloween campaign. This spooky time of year offers a creative abundance of bottom-line-bumping marketing opportunities. Use our templates to create a compelling campaign, then press ‘send.’

Connect with customers at the spookiest time of year. Halloween themed SMS with offers, discounts, and notifications are a real treat. Start with a 14-day trial. No credit card, no obligations.