Get noticed with sale, safety, and general SMS notifications

Get noticed with sale, safety, and general SMS notifications

When it comes to providing an immediate impact, sending an SMS alert is one of the best and most cost-effective tools available. Sending an SMS will get the word out fast, statistics have proven that SMS messages have a 98% open rate, and a 3 minute reach time. Combine this with our Twitter integration for example, and you can further extend your reach. Although there is no limitation to what type of SMS alert you can send, sales and safety are the two most commonly used services.

SMS Sale Alerts

Remember, your customers chose you for a reason. They are interested in what you have to offer. If you want them to stay and become all-star clients, then try to keep tabs on what they do with your platform. Build a strong customer profile, upload your contacts to Burst SMS, and then use SMS sale alerts to send the most relevant offers. For example, if Jessie likes buy computer parts, it’s safe to assume that he won’t be interested in your new perfume line.

Don’t forget to use time to your advantage either. Take advantage of national holidays, because that’s when customers are actively looking to make a big purchase. Think about specific hours too. If the deal is juicy enough - send out a timed incentive that is only active for a specific time. It’s okay if your customer misses your sales alert too, because once they see the SMS, they will be more alert for your next one. It’s also really easy to stay consistent through SMS, by scheduling campaigns in advance to keep your clients engaged.

SMS Safety Alerts

In an emergency situation - SMS safety alerts are a relied upon to spread the news of a possible catastrophe within seconds. When disaster strikes, a reliable internet connection will be hard to find. That’s why organisations like the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center give locals the option to subscribe to SMS safety alerts.

SMS Notifications Alerts

Let’s not forget about general SMS notifications alerts. These can be built in to any business or organisation through our SMS API. Common uses may include:

  • Stocks - Update your clients via SMS when their stocks start to dip below their safety net
  • Currency Exchange - Add value to your clients by sending a currency alert when it reaches their client’s happy number
  • Mobile Games - Don’t let your customers wander off to another game. Send them an SMS notification to let them know you left them something awesome in their toolbox.
  • School Grades - As an educator, sometimes it’s hard to gauge how long it will take to grade all your students, especially if it’s an important project. Meanwhile, your students may experience anxiety from waiting. Calm their nerves, by letting them know an SMS will be sent when it’s ready. Depending on your web server as well, SMS alerts can be used to control traffic to keep your website from crashing. For even more control, you can set special access codes for students to enter.
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