Here’s how 12 businesses are using SMS to talk to their customers

Here's how 12 businesses are using SMS to talk to their customers

It’s always interesting to see how businesses market their SMS capabilities. But when it comes to sending text messages, what do they say and how do they say it?

Let’s see how these 12 businesses are using SMS to talk to their customers below.

1) PayByPhone

Industry: Parking - Mobile App
Primary SMS use: SMS Reminders

PayByPhone enables users to pay for parking remotely with their smartphone. SMS reminders are sent to users 15 minutes before their parking expires.

2) Fido

Industry: Telecommunications
Primary SMS use: SMS Keywords

Fido customers have the option to text an SMS Keyword to a shortcode to find out if their plan has Fido Roam.

3) Microsoft

Industry: Technology - Software
Primary SMS use: Customer Service

Microsoft’s phone support line offers their customers an option to receive a chat support link via SMS message while they’re on hold.

4) Back to Wellness

Industry: Health & Wellness
Primary SMS use: SMS Reminders

Customers can opt in for SMS reminders at the reception counter. Reminders are sent two days prior to the scheduled appointment.

Industry: Transportation
Primary SMS use: SMS Keywords & SMS Donations

BC Translink provides public transportation services for the province of British Columbia in Canada. Each bus stop has information on how to use a text message to check when the next bus arrives.

6) Next Departure

Industry: Travel - Flight Deals
Primary SMS use: SMS Alerts

Next Departure is a flight deal finder. Customers subscribe to the service for a small monthly fee, and they receive SMS alerts whenever new deals are found, which may help them save hundreds of dollars.

7) Metrotown Mazda

Industry: Automotive - Dealer & Services
Primary SMS use: SMS Reminders & SMS Feedback

Metrotown Mazda users SMS reminders to inform their customers of their upcoming service appointments. The reminder also encourages customers to confirm or cancel their appointment.

A day after the service appointment, Metrotown Mazda follows up with a feedback request. But unfortunately, they don’t take advantage of an opportunity to thank their customer after feedback is received.

8) Rabbit

Industry: Technology - Video Streaming
Primary SMS use: RCS Messages

Rabbit is a web application that enables users to watch and talk about their favourite movies and TV shows with anyone, all in real-time.

Here’s what is interesting. Rabbit uses RCS messages to connect with their customers after they sign up. RCS messages use a verified sender ID (“Rabbit” at the top) and a custom branded logo icon.

9) Da Kitchen

Industry: Restaurants
Primary SMS use: SMS Alerts & SMS Keywords

Da Kitchen is a restaurant chain in Maui, Hawaii. Customers get in line by adding their mobile number at the front counter and receive an alert when their table is ready.

10) 4FUN

Industry: Tourism - Hawaii
Primary SMS use: SMS Keywords

4FUN help their customers book special Hawaiian activities. Posters are used to promote the SMS Keyword. When customers text in, they receive automatic replies with a link.

11) Shoppers Drug Mart

Industry: Retail - Drug Store
Primary SMS use: SMS Keywords & SMS Alerts

Via an SMS Keyword, Shoppers Drug Mart allows their customers to subscribe to weekly SMS deals and alerts.

12) Joe Fresh

Industry: Retail - Fashion
Primary SMS use: SMS Keywords & Inbound Marketing

Joe Fresh, a fashion retailer, offered exclusive deals to new subscribers. Customers can opt in by texting “FRESH” and their email address to their shortcode.