How restaurants can thrive using SMS and MMS

How restaurants can thrive using SMS and MMS

Restaurants, cafes, and bars worldwide have had to pivot the way they do business in the last year to ensure their success. From elevating the customer experience improving internal operations, SMS and MMS can help in many ways. With an open rate of 98%, it’s a no-brainer tool to help you attract customers and keep them coming back for more.

Elevate Customer Experience

1. Delivery and order alerts and updates

There are many food delivery options available, but in order to stand out from the crowd, it’s important to ensure that your communication during the delivery process is top-notch. In addition to leveraging food apps in Australia, many businesses also offer in-house delivery and online ordering.

Customers can receive confirmation of their order and a heads up when it’s ready, on its way, almost there, and when it’s arrived. Keep them in the loop, so there are no ‘hangry’ customers – just satisfied ones.

Take a look at Timbertrain Coffee’s delivery notifications. They keep their customers notified with the important details and takes the opportunity to ask for feedback after the delivery:

2. Reservation reminders and queue status

Missed appointments mean missed revenue. To make sure your seats get filled, automate reservation reminders to minimise no-shows. When your restaurant is at capacity, you don’t have to say bye to walk-ins – put them on a waiting list, and they’ll receive an SMS when a spot opens up. Easy.

3. Show customers you can help

Customers want you to be there when they need help. When support is quick and easy, brand trust grows. That’s why automated text messages in response to simple questions make for more satisfied customers. To do this, you’ll need to start with a dedicated virtual number.

We also offer callable virtual numbers where guests can call and send you messages. This kind of reachability strengthens satisfaction.

In the example below, the Keg Steakhouse uses SMS to update queue status, ensure COVID-safe measures, and enable a two-way conversation for the customer to reach out for questions. This immediately amplifies their level of professionalism and care.

4. Encourage customer reviews

Customers are research-savvy, which means online reviews are critical. To attract more diners, don’t let their positive experiences go unnoticed. Customers are more likely to leave a review when their delicious experience is still on the tip of their tongue, so why not automate this fundamental step using SMS?

Feel free to use the following template for your restaurant:

SMS and MMS marketing for restaurants

Building customer relationships beyond remembering their first name is vital for restaurant marketing. Ongoing communication leads to a healthier, long-term relationship.

SMS and MMS are dependable ways to drive this engagement and increase brand visibility and revenue.

Using concise, brief text messages, you can captivate your customers with a spectrum of compelling offers: a pop-up menu, midweek reservation discounts, Menulog promo codes, or complimentary cocktails on arrival. The options are limitless.

Make your brand more memorable with MMS. Add images, GIFs and video for fun, relevant messaging. Connect with customers using dynamic, exciting content that inspires them to continue the conversation. Here’s a guide to designing the perfect MMS, as well as making GIFs for MMS campaigns. Create mystery around a secret menu, announce a live music performance, showcase your chefs – if you can dream it, you can do it.

Improve internal business operations

A great restaurant requires a great team, and a great team requires great communication. For example, suppose someone is sick and needs a cover, group text messaging can simplify this process. When staff needs to be notified about new hygiene protocols, or there needs to be an urgent restock of a specific food item – group text and automated alerts can streamline this as well.

Boost your restaurant business

Let’s get the food and beverage industry back into full swing. Implement these SMS marketing and operations strategies today.

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