How SMS compares to cost-per-click advertising

How SMS compares to cost-per-click advertising

Last Updated: November 2019

Based on the CPC advertising benchmarks from Adstage, SMS still stands out as one of the most cost-effective marketing tools to help you reach your audience by a significant margin.

Average CPS/CPC Average CTR Average Cost per 10K CPS/CPC
SMS via Burst (CPS) $0.069 9.97% $690
Google Display Ads (CPC) $0.34 0.55% $3,400
Twitter (CPC) $0.40 1.33% $4,000
Facebook (CPC) $0.62 1.34% $6,200
Instagram (CPC) $0.81 0.62% $8,100
Google Search Ads (CPC) $1.39 2.65% $13,900
Bing Search Ads (CPC) $1.67 3.14% $16,700
YouTube (CPC) $2.37 0.34% $23,700
LinkedIn (CPC) $3.87 0.21% $38,700

CPS = Cost per send • CPC = Cost per click • CTR = Click through rate Sources: Adstage 2019 Q1-Q3, Burst SMS

Businesses always look for the best bang for their buck. That’s how SMS has stood the test of time. It’s the most effective mobile marketing tool from a performance, flexibility, convenience, and cost perspective.

Most businesses will look at cost as the defining factor—but time is an equally if not more valuable resource. In a recent Burst SMS survey, many respondents (52.6%) reported that it typically takes them under 10 minutes to set up an SMS campaign.

But when it came to Facebook Ads or Google Adwords, half of them said that it takes them over 30 minutes to set up a campaign (47.4% and 55.5% respectively). All it takes is a 160 characters (or less) to create an SMS marketing campaign.

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