How to boost your commercial cheer this Holiday season

How to boost your commercial cheer this Holiday season

In 2021, Australians are predicted to spend over $11 billion on pressies, while in 2020, the US total outlay surpassed the trillion-dollar mark. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, most Australians (79%) also said they still plan to spend the same or more than they did last year.

That’s especially great news if you’re a small to medium business that depends on raised revenue during this holiday season. However, getting a decent piece of the national sales pie during this critical trading period takes tactical, creative – and hopefully joyful – work.

So retailers, on your mark. With under two months to go, now’s the time to start thinking about holiday sales ideas. Here are five low-cost, easy, effective tips and tactics to spread the festive cheer, connect with your customers, and boost those holiday sales.

5 Holiday Marketing Ideas for Small Business

1. Keep them close

Announcements, announcements, announcements! Don’t be shy to make them, whether they’re explicitly promotional or more logistical. Let your customers know you’ve got extra special things planned for the holidays or remind them about your shipping cut-off dates for postal deliveries.

It’s important to remember that not all marketing messages need a long spiel. A short and sweet text is enough to keep your business front of mind between the noise.

You’ll most likely start with your typical marketing channels like email and social, but for extra confidence that your customers are listening, send an SMS. These little notifications go a long way towards making your holiday campaigns more effective.

With a 98% open rate, text message promotions, are hard to beat during the holiday season.

2. Get in early

Before the real rush begins, give early access to holiday sales for customers who like to be well-prepared and shop while it’s still peaceful. Alternatively, you can position this as exclusive access for your VIP customers.

If your products aren’t in stock yet, not to worry – let your customers know about them (remember: announcements) so they can pre-order or jump onto a waitlist. The bonus here is better stock control.

3. Come together

Who or what complements your product or service? Reach out to trusty neighbours or fellow small businesses to cross-promote and leverage off each other’s communities.

For example, you could create limited, seasonal gift bundles, offer discounts for people who shop between your stores or run a co-branded competition with themed giveaways or samples.

4. Say ‘thank you’

For your most treasured customers. Think of a warm and personal ‘thank you’ or ‘Happy Holidays’ message for the past year and the exciting new chapter ahead. This heartfelt gesture may be enough to have customers crushing on your brand and wanting to support your small business.

If you’re sending this by text with Burst SMS, you can easily insert a website or app link with a coupon code to show gratitude.

5. Sell gift cards

Gift cards are a way to boost sales and convert customers who can’t decide between your products. If you’re not organising beautifully-wrapped physical cards, look to e-gift cards.

They’re instantly delivered, fast to process, and your sustainability-conscious customers might even appreciate them more.

Make them easy to find, whether it’s proudly displayed near your cash register or a red and green banner on your website. A 160-character text with a link to the shopping cart will do too.

Seize the holiday

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