How to choose the right SMS API for your business

How to choose the right SMS API for your business

Burst’s SMS API enables you to add 2 Way SMS capabilities to your application. You can use it to extend your marketing capabilities, send appointment reminders and confirmations, improve automation and workflow, or to build something completely new.

What is an SMS API?

If you’re not a developer, then you might be wondering what an API is (let alone SMS API). First off, it stands for application programming interface.

In it’s simplest definition, it’s a suite of assets (functions and data) that an application chooses to share with the public for commercial use. Developers use these assets to build their own programs or to enrich existing ones.

For example, let’s say your business sells an invoicing software and you want to offer SMS to your clients. Instead of having to build your own from scratch, you can use an SMS API. By doing so, you’re integrating an existing application into your own. You benefit from saving time, money, and energy, and the SMS API provider benefits from having more business. It’s a win-win.

But you’re also at the mercy of your SMS API provider. If their application goes down, so will your SMS capabilities. This is why it’s important to choose one that’s reliable.

Why choose Burst’s SMS API?

Here are the things you should look for when choosing an SMS API, including details about why you should choose Burst:

Easy to learn and use: As a REST API, you can get started with the basic SMS functions in just a matter of minutes using a popular language of your choice, like Javascript, Python, and PHP.

Detailed documentation: Documentation is very important to us. It makes it easy for you to learn, and it saves you time and energy. We have documentation for over 40 API calls, which include but are not limited to: sending SMS messages, adding and deleting contacts, and creating keywords.

Time-tested: Our SMS API has sent millions of text messages since its inception. And it’s scalable—so you can be confident that as your SMS needs increase, our resources will too.

Dedicated servers: Our SMS API doesn’t share resources with our bulk SMS gateway, so whether you’re sending one text message or a million, you can be confident that your outbound SMS messages will be sent on time and reliably.

Encrypted with Secure Socket Layer (SSL): All information sent and received from our SMS API is encrypted to help prevent malicious attacks and breaches. SSL scrambles the data so that it’s only read by the authorised sender and receiver so that sensitive information, like your customers' personal data, is not accessed by an outsider.

Quick integrations: We have integrations with some of the most popular applications on the market to help you get started quickly. These include Eloqua (Oracle), Keap (formerly Infusionsoft), Marketo, and Zendesk, and we also have over 2,000 more via Zapier.

Development support: Our knowledgeable team is here to support you as you work through our SMS API, with code examples. We’re always releasing new API calls, like get-sms-delivery-status, edit-number-options, and get-contact, based on what our customers want.

See how easy it is to implement SMS into your business by viewing our SMS API documentation.