How to write fun rhymes for SMS marketing

How to write fun rhymes for SMS marketing

It’s the rhymes that bring good times!

Naturally, there’s a ring to rhyme. Besides being a bit of fun, rhymes are more memorable and create a greater emotional impact.

Plus, there’s that rhyme-as-reason effect. According to psychology, listeners view rhyming statements as more believable or truthful.

When it comes to SMS marketing ideas, the power of copywriting is considerable.

It’s important to incorporate creative writing in your SMS communication. Even though SMS is short, sweet, and simple – those 160 characters count. This limited space still gives you plenty of room to make your copy sing and be brand-unique.

But we get it. Sometimes, it’s hard to come up with creative SMS messages, so here are some fun, effortless rhymes for your next campaign.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to be Dr Seuss to get it right.

Text marketing examples that rhyme

We’ve come up with examples of SMS text messages for business industries across eCommerce, retail, fitness, donations and fundraising.

1. Ecommerce and retail

2. Fitness

3. Donations and fundraising

How to rhyme

We hope these examples warmed up your creative brain!

While everyone has their creative writing process, here are three steps to help you ace the rhyming space.

  1. Think about the offer in your SMS, then brainstorm a list of keywords you could potentially use. For example, that might be ‘dresses,’ ‘plants,’ or ‘yoga’. Then for each word, try to find a rhyme. If you’re feeling stuck, get some help from a free rhyming tool like RhymeZone.
  2. Once your draft is complete, read your sentences aloud. Does it sound natural? Does it have a nice melody? Does it need more or less syllables? Can you say what you need to say, with fewer words? Make it punchy, and make it pop.
  3. Like with everything, don’t overdo the rhyming. Once is usually enough within each text. And depending on how often you send texts to your customers, you want your rhymes to feel fresh and surprising. If you send texts daily, a rhyme a day might feel forced.

Engage customers with rhymes

Don’t underestimate the impact of good copywriting.

With a little extra thought, you can make your SMS copy stand out. That way, your customers are more likely to remember you, look forward to hearing from you, and click the links you send them.

Check out more tips on great copy for SMS marketing.

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