Improve Team Communications with Group SMS Chat

Improve Team Communications with Group SMS Chat

Picture this, you’re about to head into an important meeting when you’re struck with an amazing idea that your team needs to know about ASAP. You don’t have time to write an email and copy every single member of your team as you rush into your meeting, but you don’t want to forget the idea either.

Fortunately for situations just like this, there’s Group SMS Broadcasting, an SMS service that makes team communications quick and convenient.

Take a minute to type out your message, hit send, and away it goes to your team’s mobile phones. The best part is it only takes a few seconds to compose, and it takes your team even less to read. Keep in mind that humans have shorter attention spans than goldfish, so the instantaneity of SMS is invaluable.

When a teammate replies to your text message, the rest of the team gets it too, with their name automatically tied to their thread of messages.

Use Cases

How can teams use this to their benefit? Let’s take a look at some examples.

Construction and trades workers

You can rely on our online SMS services to send and receive critical text messages. If your team works in remote areas with limited Wi-Fi or data connections, SMS is one reliable way to communicate with the rest of the team for small and urgent tasks.

Even if the team is nearby and using radio, noise can play a big role in miscommunication. Plus, you get instant records of what was said when things go not according to plan (fingers crossed that they don’t).

SMS Examples for Construction and Trades workers

Restaurants, retail, and health staff

Without the proper number of staff, things can get hectic very quickly. Illnesses and medical emergencies happen all the time. Use group SMS chat internally to help find cover quickly.

You can also use SMS to schedule weekly tasks, events and meeting reminders, and much more. SMS reminders are a great way to help the team stay on top of things. It’s like having a personal assistant at your fingertips.

SMS Examples for Restaurant, Retail, and Health staff

Utility and technology workers

When things take a turn for the worst, you can notify your team immediately so they can take action if necessary. Perhaps there’s suspicious database activity or a server malfunction. SMS alerts can help keep everyone in the loop. Server downtimes can cost businesses millions annually in addition to being a major pain for you and your customers. SMS alerts help prevent these issues from ever seeing the light of day.

SMS Examples for Utility and Technology workers
SMS can help you elevate internal communications within your business. Group SMS Broadcasting, 2 Way SMS, SMS Reminders, and SMS Alerts are just a few ways you can utilise text messaging within your team. Are you ready to start creating more efficient teams? Get started easily today with a trial.