Improve your CTR in 10 easy steps

Improve your CTR in 10 easy steps

Here’s something you should know: SMS marketing messages have an average click-through rate of almost 10%.

A click-through rate, or CTR, is a meaningful metric in the world of SMS marketing used to measure the success of a campaign. It provides insight into how many people are clicking your links.

SMS marketing has a substantially higher CTR than email marketing (at 2.62%). That stat alone is a compelling reason to brush up on how to get people to open, click, and purchase what you’re sending through SMS marketing.

How to calculate CTR?

Calculate your CTR by dividing the number of clicks by one of the following:

  • Impressions
  • Campaign views
  • Total delivery

Then, multiply that number by 100 to get the percentage.

general click through rate equation

For example, if you were calculating this for an SMS campaign where:

  • Clicks = 1,000
  • SMS Delivered = 10,000

Your equation would look like this:

click through rate equation

If you’re a Burst SMS customer, we’ve already done the math for you. Simply login to your dashboard to view your CTR under the “Link Hits” section of your campaign report:

burst sms dashboard

Don’t forget to refer to our average SMS CTR benchmarks to see how your campaigns compare with businesses within your industry!

Now that we have gotten the technical calculations out of the way, let’s look at how we can increase the number of opportunities you bring through the door with these 10 easy steps for a better CTR.

10 SMS marketing tips you can implement today

1. Identify yourself

It’s a legal requirement to identify yourself in either the Sender ID or within the body of your SMS message. Being instantly-recognisable builds trust with and encourages your audience to open your message. Combined with an enticing message or offer, this will lead to a higher CTR.

2. Use the right words

Every message you send through a bulk SMS gateway should be valuable, and the best way to help your customers see this value is by using power words. Sale, save, win, special, limited and exclusive - these power words grab attention, drive action and spur your customer to click through and check out your offer.

3. Personalise your messages

A simple way to quickly connect with your audience through an online SMS service is to use their name and personalise your offer. 90% of US customers find marketing personalisation appealing, and some marketers have found that the main benefit of it is an increased conversion rate. Manage SMS marketing personalisation through your bulk SMS gateway service.

According to Rebrandly, branded links receive up to 39% more click-throughs when compared to generic short URLs. Modify the URLs in your messages with branded tracked links, use your choice domain to increase brand recognition, and improve click-through rates and conversions.

Small things can make a big difference in SMS marketing, so always check how your message appears on different devices. iOS and Android display messages and links differently on the notification centre, home screen, and in their message applications. Both systems have a link preview feature so it’s important to optimise the look of your message with shortened links and a persuasive CTA.

6. Improve your offer with A/B testing

A/B testing or split testing sends two different versions of your campaign to see which converts better. You should test various offers to see what resonates with your audience: a % sale, a buy one get one sale, free shipping, or bonus offers? The right offer leads to improved conversion rates, higher conversion values, and increased ROI.

7. Send messages at the right time

Timing is key to a successful SMS marketing campaign. The perfect time to achieve a higher click-through rate is when your audience is most likely to take action. We’ve shared some ideas on how to figure this out based on your business and the type of messages you’re sending.

8. Keep your list clean with a feature-packed bulk SMS gateway

Good online SMS services have a host of features that work behind the scenes to keep your SMS marketing list clean. These features ensure more people who receive your messages will take action. Duplicate management is integral, so you don’t accidentally send a customer the same message twice. Landline filtering ensures your bounce rate doesn’t go up if you send a message to a non-mobile number. Hard bounce reporting lets you know when to remove a number from your list.

9. Use a dedicated virtual mobile number

Pick an online SMS service that allows you to use a dedicated virtual mobile number. Having all your SMS marketing messages sent from one virtual SMS number establishes trust with your customers and ultimately increases click-through rates. It also allows you to receive SMS replies so you can have two-way conversations.

10. Segment for a higher CTR

Rather than blasting your marketing messages to every single contact in your list – segment your audience for a more targeted approach. Send your customers offers that are more likely to convert. Divide your contacts into smaller lists with your CRM or use keywords in your online SMS service. Segment by location, age, and interests. As you acquire more information, continue to refine your message for each customer according to their purchasing behaviours.

SMS marketing that’s smarter, not harder

It only takes a few steps to get your SMS marketing working smarter, and using an online SMS Service like Burst SMS will make it easier to implement these tips.

Up your CTR: tweak the content of your messages, test your campaigns and make the most of the features included in your online SMS service. All these actions help your prospects continue through your marketing funnel to the point of purchase.

Start implementing these tips with Burst SMS for a higher CTR today. Sign up now for a 14-day trial. No credit card, no obligations.