21 Industry verticals tailored towards your business

21 Industry verticals tailored towards your business

If you are thinking about applying SMS to your business, or if you simply want for more ideas on what else you can do - then is for you. We just released 21 verticals with recommended SMS solutions and case studies tailored towards each specific industry.

You will also find special conversion percentile benchmarks for:

  • SMS for Education
  • SMS for Finance
  • SMS for Health
  • SMS for Real Estate
  • SMS for Construction
  • SMS for Tourism

For global conversion benchmarks - click here.

Industry Verticals

Here is the first phase of our release:

Are we missing something?

We wanted to focus on the industries which we received the most enquiries about on our first release. However if you don’t see what you need above, then let’s chat. Contact us, and we will help you find what your most effective SMS options are.

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  • All other countries: You can Skype us through our username Burst SMS

Are you a bit shy?

I totally get it, I’m not a phone person sometimes either. That’s why we also offer:

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If you’re not already a Burst SMS customer, click here to sign up for a trial. As for all our lovely clients, we hope you found some new tips to help market your business.