Marketing paradigm shift: asking is out, giving is in

Marketing paradigm shift: asking is out, giving is in

Let’s face it, our world is changing rapidly. We’re not just talking about the technology revolution that’s altering the way we do business. No, there’s a paradigm shift moving across every industry and business, replacing the old way of marketing with a radical approach that puts customers first.

From selling or asking to giving

The old-fashioned marketing mindset has been primarily focused on selling. This traditional style of marketing disregards customers’ needs and pain points, placing the business in the limelight instead. However, it’s still a proven and effective method that results in sales.

In contrast, the new paradigm centres on the client to create a customer experience that turns once-off customers into loyal fans. These devoted enthusiasts believe in your brand because they resonate with your why, your purpose for existing.

As a result, they spend more money on your products and will try new things. The giving approach has the purpose of building trust and connection with your clients.

Let’s contrast the old and new paradigms with two SMS text examples to highlight the difference.

Selling and asking

A business that asks is likely to resort to sending messages to clients with the aim to sell one more product. It’s a short-term strategy with some immediate financial return but has the potential to result in the loss of loyalty. Sure, this method works but it isn’t what customers are looking for in a brand. Trust and connection are the ultimate goals.

Example 1

Giving before asking

A company with an understanding of brand awareness and customer experience turns the marketing approach upside down. This long-term strategy centres on the customer and how the company can create content and value to improve their lives.

Example 2

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Customer experience marketing

The new marketing paradigm opens the way for an SMS customer service platform that concentrates its efforts on the customer. Customer feedback is essential to achieve a strategy that places the client in the centre. Why not use the Net Promoter Score to ask your clients to give you a rating? SMS is the perfect tool to get this score because it has a high open rate of 98%.

Final Thoughts

The paradigm shift in marketing gives businesses the opportunity to use an online SMS service as a powerful tool. Connecting with your customers by giving before asking creates a better customer experience, and ultimately builds trust. Is it time to add the Bursty touch to your SMS marketing and give your customers a memorable experience?

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