Add custom domain links to your SMS campaign

Add custom domain links to your SMS campaign

We are very excited to introduce our newest feature, Branded Tracked Links. You can now send tracked links with a custom domain of your choice.

In case you didn’t know, SMS messages are text only, so you can’t add hyperlinks. You need a full URL, but they can be lengthy and can take up a lot of valuable character space.

For the last few years, our online SMS service offered a free tracked link feature, which shortens your URLs and makes them unique for each recipient in your SMS campaigns.

As a result, you can see who clicked on your links and who didn’t. On average, SMS campaigns get about a 10% click-through rate.

Default tracked links with Burst SMS look like this:

You can now modify the URL to use a domain of your choice, vastly improving brand recognition, credibility, and personalisation of your SMS campaigns. You may experience improved click-through rates and conversions because of it.

For example, if your business domain is, your tracked links can now look like

If you own a short domain, even better. Here are some examples of big brands:

  • Huffington Post:
  • Starbucks:
  • Google:
  • Pepsi:
  • YouTube:

Note: How do you track your SMS campaigns? Have you considered UTM parameters to help you track your SMS marketing campaigns? We highly recommend them.

  • Improve brand recognition and message credibility
  • Track link clicks and click-through rates; use it for future retargeting campaigns
  • Use it for free

Set up is quick and easy. Learn more by clicking the button below.