What are Rich Communication Services (RCS)?

What are Rich Communication Services (RCS)?

You may have heard the term RCS floating around, and if you haven’t - let’s fill you in. Rich Communication Services (RCS - formerly called Joyn) is an enhanced version of SMS which will allow video transfers, file sharing, instant group chats, IP voice calling, screen sharing, message delivery tracking, real-time tracking to see when the user is typing, and more.

Here is a snapshot of how RCS will matchup against the most popular instant messaging services:

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Important Notes:

  • If your recipient does not have a data connection, your message will be sent as an SMS.
  • If your recipient does not have a data connection, they will not receive your message.
  • If an RCS enabled user sends a message to a non-RCS enabled user, the message will be converted and sent in a traditional SMS format.
  • In order to message an individual through an OTT app, both parties need to have a specific instant messaging application installed, and activated. If either user does not have the application installed, they will not be able to receive any messages.

What’s next?

In the past 6 months, Google has been making waves in the RCS industry. They are leading the way and getting more carriers on board.