Send Bulk SMS from your PC

Send Bulk SMS from your PC

Bulk SMS, also known as ‘mass SMS messaging’ or ‘bulk text messaging,’ is an application-to-person (A2P) messaging service giving you the power to send your SMS to multiple recipients.

The perfect pairing

It’s no wonder bulk SMS is an ever-growing tool for business marketing. With a 98% open rate, it’s an immediate, direct, and productive way to communicate with your customers.

Where’s your phone right now? No doubt it’s nearby, so it’s no surprise we read SMS within an average of 90 seconds. This savvy channel has a 36% click-through rate, compared with a rate of 3.4% for email.

Sending bulk SMS from your PC is an easy, accessible way to connect with targeted customers. Reach them anywhere, in real-time, and reach multiple people with just one platform push.

Benefits of bulk SMS

As a form of marketing, bulk SMS makes sense. Consumers read pretty much every SMS they get, so it’s a great gateway to build connections. To boost market reach, sales and customer experience, go bulk.

Besides the ability to reach nearly anyone, anywhere at any time, minus the resources and effort, the benefits are plenty. Let’s look at them.

Quick Send

SMS is all about now. If your brand has something to say, it’s probably time-sensitive, so stay relevant and send out your info with the highest rate of readability. You think it, you type it, you send it, they read it.

Better Aim

Other methods of marketing can be hit-and-miss in connecting with the correct customers. Because bulk SMS is direct, the person you intend to read it – does. That’s a huge head start. This precision means the read and open rates are high.

Simple Simple Simple

Given their short-form, crafting an effective 160-character message doesn’t take much time or resources. It’s an easy, quick and wide-reaching form of communication.

Ban the Barriers

With just a phone number, your bulk SMS message will get to your recipient. Unlike email or socials, SMS won’t get waylaid by filters. Make sure you stay up to date with all parts of the SPAM Act.

Cheap Champion

Each message costs only cents, so it offers a higher ROI. Reach loads of customers without much outlay or effort.

Because it’s unbeatable for customer interaction, bulk SMS is ideal for marketing.

Burst bulk features

The Burst bulk SMS gateway promotes connectivity. The platform is flexible when it comes to billing, multiple numbers and webhook details. It’s also reliable, with a 24/7 support team, and a 100% delivery guarantee and transparency.

Add MMS to your marketing mix, and reach crucial customers with visual messages to lift engagement and customer experience. Using a combination of MMS and SMS across your campaigns is a connection value-add.

Implement Burst’s REST SMS API into your current platform. This way, you can use your software to send SMS from your PC. Create lists, lease numbers, set up keywords, and schedule messages. Manage incoming messages along with delivery level reports (DLR’s) with our callbacks.

Burst’s easy to use web SMS service UI makes managing your bulk SMS campaigns simple. Access the free test message feature to iron out any formatting issues. Lease dedicated virtual numbers, create SMS keywords, upload and manage contact lists, send and receive SMS, view campaign reports, and use our email to SMS and Quick SMS app for quick-send.

With email to SMS, you can send and receive SMS messages using your email address. Just write your message in the email body, then click send and your message goes out to a group of customers' mobile phones as text messages. You don’t even need to write a subject line.

This approach works a treat with a CRM system or other types of integration using email to send alerts to your contact list. Securely send messages to a single email address or to numerous addresses using ‘cc.’ Confirm receipt of messages with delivery reports.

Burst SMS is Australia’s first bulk messaging provider to be ISO 27001 certified and offer full Australian Data Sovereignty.

That’s a bulk of benefits.

Go bulk with Burst

Increase functionality with Burst bulk SMS features. Discover even more features that’ll make your campaigns smoother and more successful.

Yes, SMS is a smart marketing channel, but now you can reach customers in bulk, and do it all from your PC. Start with a 14-day trial. No credit card, no obligations