Shared vs Dedicated: Why you need a Dedicated Virtual Number

Shared vs Dedicated: Why you need a Dedicated Virtual Number

A number is a number – right? Wrong. If you’re choosing a virtual SMS number in Australia, consider going for a ‘Dedicated’ Virtual Number instead of the default ‘Shared’ one. A dedicated number allows for more effective (and fun) marketing campaigns, increased brand reputation, and smoother systems and processes.

But first, a quick rundown on virtual mobile numbers. Virtual numbers (also known as online SMS numbers or bulk SMS numbers) look like local mobile numbers but are used by businesses to send text messages as though they were using a mobile phone.

Challenges of using a Shared Virtual Number

Shared numbers are free, but have setbacks. Thousands of people are using the shared pool, and although the rotation is high, there’s always a small chance that you and other companies send something to the same person using the same number.

Another setback is that your sender ID might be different for every campaign you send out. Both of these scenarios can be very confusing for your customers and makes it difficult for you to establish a great brand reputation.

While recipients can reply to your message with limited SMS keywords via the shared number, they may want to save your number and text you directly on a separate occasion. These are lost opportunities for customer sales and engagement.

US Industry Update: As of June 2021, major US carriers such as AT&T and T-mobile will no longer support the use of shared short codes by businesses.
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Benefits of Dedicated Virtual Numbers

On the other hand, you can lease Dedicated numbers for a monthly fee with significant advantages.

Using this number as your business phone number in Australia, you still get number exclusivity, number consistency, and the ability to receive direct messages. They can now save your number on their phone with your business name, which is much more personal.

Burst SMS provides memorable number options such as:

  • Standard number: +61 467 528 788
  • Gold number: +61 459 333 444
  • Vanity number: +61 467 528 778 (614675BURST)

You might be thinking about getting a virtual Australian mobile number to receive SMS, but did you know with a Callable Dedicated Virtual Number in Australia, you can also receive calls from your customers? These calls then get forwarded to a landline or mobile number of your choice.

Creative marketing campaigns

Think big and experiment. A Dedicated Virtual Number boosts marketing efforts and helps you find new ways to engage with your customers – after all, SMS has an open rate of 98%.

You can use SMS to drive people to your landing page and grow your email database by having customers text in a keyword to subscribe. Automate your workflow by reminding customers about their upcoming appointments or shorten the sales cycles by automating responses. You can also quickly launch surveys, contests, giveaways, competitions, and that’s just the start.

For example, an upcoming music festival can drip-feed their performance lineup announcements with an SMS keyword that customers can text to obtain information. This keeps the excitement going and inspires more people to purchase festival tickets.

The SMS platform can automatically process text replies. With a Callable Dedicated Virtual Number, the team behind the festival can also manually respond to urgent calls and queries, have dialogues, and build more of a human connection with attendees.

Plus, busy event organisers can respond via email (and have it sent as an SMS) or by text, whether they’re at their laptop or out-and-about. Zero coding experience is required. Too easy.

Pro tip: See more creative marketing tactics using a Dedicated Virtual Number.

Dedicated Virtual Number options

Burst SMS’ ‘Standard,’ ‘Callable’ and ‘Gold’ Dedicated numbers come at different rates with various benefits to suit your needs. This table compares their purpose, pros and cons to help you make the best decision for your business.

When it comes to taking your business to the next level, a Dedicated Virtual Number is a great choice. With propelled marketing efforts and increased brand affinity, what’s not to enjoy?

Supercharge your marketing with a Dedicated Virtual Number. Get in touch today to start leasing your very own unique virtual number.